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How to Declutter and Make Money

Make £10 in 5 Minutes! (Legally)

There's a super savvy way to make a tenner... So stop rooting in the sofa for lost pound coins, stop stressing yourself ... Read More

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4 ways to make extra room for all those Christmas presents!

If you're lucky every year your family and friends will buy you lots of lovely presents for Christmas. Wow that's great. ... Read More

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Results are in: The Most Unwanted Books of 2015!

With the year coming to an end we've dug deep to discover the most unwanted books of 2015, so sit back grab yourself a c ... Read More

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How to decide what books to keep and what to sell

Is your bookcase bulging? Do stacks of books surround you? This might sound like heaven, but if you answered yes to both ... Read More

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The biggest money making books of 2015

Ever wondered which books fetch the most cash here at We Buy Books? Well we thought we'd let you in on a little secret b ... Read More

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Five Uses For Old Books

Although many people now favour reading devices over books, there are still hundreds of thousands of traditionalists ... Read More

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Five Ways To Declutter Your Home And Make Money

The gradual build-up of clutter in your home can be very annoying. When moving new furniture or items into a home, unwan ... Read More

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Five Things To Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

It happens to us all: in the post-Christmas tidy up we are bound to have a few gifts that aren't quite what we wante ... Read More

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Make Some Extra Cash This Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching , you can use a service like We Buy Books to clear out some space on your shelves for ... Read More

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Keep The Kids Entertained This Summer With Our Barcode Scanner!!

It's that time of the year again guys, the dreaded summer holidays! Fantastic for the kids, a nightmare for you parents! ... Read More

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