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Aug 16, 2023

Reasons You Should Buy Books From Charity Shops

buy books from charity shops

Unique FindsScanning the shelves for fantastic books in charity books could turn into your favourite pastime.

There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a lovely new book.
The smell, the un-crumpled pages, the smile on your face when you turn the first page, you know the feeling!

But here at We Buy Books we’re keen to encourage the recycling of books for them to be read over and over again.

So why not take a trip to your local charity shop it’s the most exciting way to discover a hidden gem. You’ll be making a donation to a worthy cause as well as making an addition to your collection! It’s easy peasy!

Second hand booksSecond hand books are pleasurable

The majority of charity shops have everything from contemporary fiction to timeless classics, collector’s editions and children’s books.

Reading a second hand book can give you a sense of pleasure as most book-lovers know they each have a story of their own!

Of course you could discover a collector’s item at the fraction of a price.

Get the kiddies buying from charity

Get the kiddies buying from charity

Most charity shops have a regime of checking their deliveries before they are put out onto the shelves. It would be criminal to sell an item with ripped pages or a crumbling spine. And of course a secondhand book is a magical pastime for children, get them in there early and it will become second nature when they venture out on their own.

The books in charity shops are a fraction of a price and you’ll be donating to a good cause. Cookery books, novels, picture books and kid’s books are usually always in excellent condition.

And you never know – if you’re really lucky you could find an unclaimed lottery ticket (yeah, right!) a love letter in the pages (saucy!), or a note from the previous reader (sweet!).

Treat yourself to a new bookIt’s good to treat yourself to new books

So when you’ve got time why not treat yourself – go on you know you want to!
And remember once you’ve read your latest purchase sell it back on WeBuyBooks and we will sell it on for you the hassle free way.

A re-assurring way to know your book will be recycled and read by fellow book lovers, alike.



Have you discovered any hidden gems of your own in charity shops?

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