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Jan 19, 2024

Top 5 Weirdest Coffees (and books to match)

Is there anything better than the feeling of relaxing on a Saturday morning with a good book and a delicious cup of coffee? Well, probably yes, but the coffee and book thing is up there! Of course, when it comes to the choice of coffee and the accompanying book, do you go for a relaxing Colleen Hoover with a silky latte? or something a little more gripping like a Lee Child book washed down by a snappy espresso?

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The book-coffee combos are endless, and we could sit here and list off the entire Nespresso coffee range and their perfect book companions but where is the fun in that? What we are looking at instead are some slightly less conventional coffees and book recommendations to match.

So, sit back and get ready to read about some of the weirdest coffees we could find and our top picks for books to match the vibe.

Poop Coffee – Kopi Luwak coffee

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template - 2024-01-19T090843.650.png Top of our list of Kopi Luwak coffee, otherwise known as poop coffee. The reason this coffee has made it onto our list is the process in which it goes through before it reaches our cups. Originating in Indonesia and the Philippines, this coffee is a result of the digestive system of the Asian Palm Civet – a large ‘rodent-like’ mammal. The process involves the Civet eating the coffee beans and defecating them, this defecation (poop) is then collected, and the beans coffee beans are then extracted and roasted.

Renowned more for the process rather than the flavour we think that A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson would be a great match for this cup of joe.

Butter Coffee – Bulletproof Coffee

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template - 2024-01-19T091124.300.png Next up we have ‘butter coffee’. It’s pretty much exactly what you might think it is, coffee with butter in it, if you think about it’s really not that weird at all, after all, butter is made from milk, and we put milk in our coffee all the time. This deliciously thick beverage coffee is made using coffee, butter from cow’s milk, and brain octane oil to create a rich, high-calorie drink that is said to enhance your physical and intellectual health.

We think this rich and creamy beverage pairs perfectly with The Woods in Winter by Stella Gibbons.

Irish Coffee

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template - 2024-01-19T091219.723.png What list of funky coffees would be complete without a good old boozy Irish coffee? This entry probably isn’t suitable for your week time morning coffee but can make for a great weekend treat. This decadent coffee is made by combining coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and a generous helping of cream.

This delightfully sumptuous coffee really plays into a copy of Dubliners by James Joyce.

Espresso and Tonic

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template - 2024-01-19T091020.561.png We have all heard of a gin and tonic, but have you ever heard of a coffee and tonic? This new summer trend is taking the coffee world by storm, and it couldn’t be easier to make. To enjoy your very own espresso tonic, all you need to do is add an espresso shot to a glass of iced tonic water, and hey presto.

This light sparkling drink is an excellent accompaniment to The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Café Cubano

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template - 2024-01-19T091251.457.png It’s thick, it's sweet, it's potent it’s Café Cubano. Popular in Cuba, this ‘get the job done’ coffee is made by combining equal parts espresso and sugar to make a viscous, almost paste-like drink. Usually no more than 2oz, it is served in a small cup and is perfect for a quick energy boost.

This explosion of sugar and caffeine would go nicely for an on-the-go read of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: The Illustrated Edition by Douglas Adams.

And so, our summary of the best bizarre coffee + book combos has come to an end. If you are bored of your daily milky coffee and feeling particularly adventurous, we would recommend one of these caffeinated alternatives. And of course, why not give our book recommendations a go and get the most out of your coffee break?

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