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Aug 23, 2023

10 Ways to Celebrate National Book Month


Being the book enthusiasts that we are, we had to get involved with national book month 2022! WeBuyBooks loves all things books and to show our passion, we thought we’d get involved with National Book Month by helping every book enthusiast celebrate the best month of the year.

So, we’ve put together a list of all the ways that you can get involved with national book month! Whether you’re looking for tips to get kids involved in book month or are a book lover wanting to celebrate yourself, don’t worry, we’ve included fun activities for all ages. But first, a bit of background information…

What is National Book Month about?

Founded back in 2003, National Book Month is a month-long celebration focusing on the importance of reading, writing and literature. It is also a tie to honour the country’s best books and authors!

Why is it important?

National book month encourages both reading and writing. These are two activities that both children and adults can benefit from massively! Not only will frequent reading help to develop better reading and writing skills but it’ll expand knowledge, improve vocabulary and provide great entertainment too. The other purpose of National Book Month is to honour deserving authors. Writing a good book is a work of art and deserves celebrating, but showcasing the accomplishments of today’s best authors is a great way to show kids some worthy role models in the world of literature.

When is National Book Month?

National book month is celebrated in October every year, beginning on the 1st of the month.

How to get involved

Why is it important_.jpg

  1. Start a new book
  2. Discover a new author
  3. Recommend a book
  4. Contact an author
  5. Post on social media - Celebrate a book or author on
  6. Have a go at writing
  7. Host a costume party with a book character theme
  8. Give your pre-loved books a new home
  9. Support a local book shop or library
  10. Write a book review

1. Start a new book

Start a new book.jpg

The most obvious way to celebrate national book month is to read a new book. If you’re a fellow bookworm, you’ll likely be doing this anyway. But if you’re someone that wants to start reading more, this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Check out our Top 10 Autumnal Books or The best-selling horror books of all time for seasonal book recommendations to see you through October.

Giving children the challenge to start a new book during National Book Month is also a fantastic way to encourage reading and will make a good homework task for any class.

2. Discover a new author

Why not use this month to discover a new author? Here’s a list of the greatest British authors to discover (if you haven’t already):

  • William Shakespeare
  • Jane Austen
  • Charles Dickens
  • Charlotte Brontë
  • JK Rowling
  • CS Lewis
  • Roald Dahl

3. Recommend a book

In our opinion, a good book recommendation is up there with the best gifts you can give. After all, you just can’t beat a really great read! If you have a book that you loved in mind, it’s likely that your friends, family or even your TikTok following will love it too. Share your favourite page-turners with others in honour of national book month.

4. Contact an author

Contact an author.jpg

Have a favourite author? Why not reach out to them and tell them how much you love their work? It’s certainly in the spirit of book month and is such an easy way to get involved. Thanks to social media, contacting your favourite author has never been easier. Authors often don’t get enough appreciation, so there’s no doubt they’ll love to hear from you. Who doesn’t love to be praised right?!

5. Post on social media

Speaking of social media, there are a ton of things you can do to celebrate National Book Month online! From tweeting your favourite author with praise to sharing a story recommending a book, or even just following some book-related accounts. Be sure to use the #nationalbookmonth.

6. Have a go at writing

Perhaps you’re a budding writer? Well, what better time to get creative and do a spot of writing? Set yourself a challenge for the month - whether it be to write 50 pages of a book, create a new poem or share a blog post.

This also presents an opportunity to give school kids the chance to test their writing skills! Set a writing challenge in class or at home and watch their creative minds flourish!

7. Throw a book character costume party

Throw a book character costume party.jpg

If you’re a school teacher, the leader of a book club or just love all things books, why not push the boat out and throw a fancy dress party with the theme of book characters? Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up and celebrate book month at the same time!

8. Give your pre-loved books a new home

This month is all about encouraging reading. Donating your books to someone else is a wonderful way to pass on the job of a pre-loved book for another to read. You could even sell your used books to WeBuyBooks and make a bit of cash in the process! All the books we receive are passed on to a new reader. Find out more about selling your books to us by clicking the link.

9. Support a local book shop or library

With E-readers and online booksellers like Amazon, people rarely visit their local library or book shop anymore. This book month, take a trip down to the library and see what books they have to offer - it’s unlikely you’ll be stuck for choice and it’s much more sustainable than buying your own copy of a book! If you do want to own your next ready, search for a book shop near you or pop into a local charity shop to check out the selection on offer. It’s likely you’ll snatch yourself a bargain!

10. Write a book review

Write a book review.jpg

A book review is a must for any book lover during book month! To do a book review, you first must read the book and then write about it - combining both purposes of book month in one activity!

Hopefully, you’re now filled with ideas for ways to get involved with National Book Month! For more content on all things books, check out our Blog Page.

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