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Jan 11, 2024

Top 10 Most Unwanted Christmas Gifts 2023

As we get into the swing of 2024, we take a look back at the top books that people were most eager to scan into our app. Whether they were gifts that didn’t quite hit the mark or they just weren’t worth a second read, these 10 books were scanned into the WeBuyBooks app more than any other over the Christmas period.

It Ends With Us – Colleen Hoover

It Ends With Us.png

It Ends With Us is a gripping story that follows the life of Lily and her tussle with love. Since the struggles in her younger years, Lily has come a long way, working hard to graduate college and moving to Boston to start her own business. So when she meets an attractive neurosurgeon, she starts to believe it’s too good to be true. This feeling of disbelief of her new life slowly grows and problems only keep coming when remnants of a past love come back to haunt her.

The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman

The Thursday Murder Club.png

Written by esteemed author Richard Osman, the Thursday Murder Club follows the exploits of Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron. Once a week, the four of them meet up in their sleepy retirement village to investigate unsolved murders, only to be thrown straight into the deep end when a gruesome murder takes place right on their doorstep.

Gangsta Granny – David Walliams

Gangsta Granny.png

From the fasting growing children’s author David Walliams comes the insatiably funny Gangsta Granny. The hero of this tale Ben is as bored as bored can be staying at his grannies where the only things he can do are eat watery cabbage soup and play Scrabble. Little does young Ben know however that his seemingly boring granny is actually an international Jewellery thief and has been planning a heist to steal the Crown Jewels.

The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code.png

When an elderly curator is discovered dead and covered in bizarre symbols, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon and gifted French cryptologist Sophie Neveu are called in to solve the mystery of this murder and find themselves following a trail of clues that lead all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci himself.

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

The Midnight Library 1.png

Somewhere out there beyond the void, there is a library that contains an infinite number of books, each containing an alternate timeline. That is the premise of this tale but the question is, if you were faced with the opportunity to relive your entire life and change its course, what would you do? This is the question that Nora is faced with, will she do? will she go back and pursue her career as a glaciologist? Will she recover lost loves? The possibilities are endless.

Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens

Where the Crawdads Sing.png

After years of rumours about the mysterious “Marsh Girl” circulate sleepy fishing village of Barkley Cove, they are eventually dispelled when her need for human interaction slowly introduces her into the public eye. The “Marsh Girl”, whose actual name is actually Kya, is a born naturalist, learning what she could from the natural world. When she eventually starts to yearn for the touch and love of another, she finds herself drawn to two young men from town and finds herself in a startling new world of young adulthood.

Billionaire Boy – David Walliams

Billionaire Boy.png

Another from the popular children’s author David Walliams, Billionaire Boy is the tale of a young boy, Joe, who has it all, oh so it would seem. Even though he has his very own cinema, bowling alley, and even an orangutang butler, Joe is not happy, the reason? He has no friends. Eventually, Joe meets someone who likes him for him and not just for his money and showing that the answer to finding happiness isn’t just having a pocket full of cash.

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

The Fault in Our Stars.png

This book follows the emotional journey of 16-year-old Hazel who is diagnosed with cancer, and although she has access to tumour-shrinking care, she remains terminal. Hazel’s story takes a turn for the better, however, when a young man appears at her cancer support group, sparking a new chapter in her life filled with love and ambition. This is a touching story that is bold in its themes, and despite the heartbreak, is full of laughter and joy.

This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor – Adam Kay

This is Going to Hurt.png

Have you ever what it is like to live as a junior doctor? Are the rumours true of endless hours, sleepless nights, and an endless tide of difficult patients? Take a look behind the scenes with this eye-opening, no-holds-barred account of the life on the NHS frontline.

Mr Stink – David Williams

Mr Stink.png

This is the curious tale of a young Chloe who makes friends with Mr Stink, the local tramp. There is something you should know about Mr. Stink however, "Mr. Stink stank. He also stunk. And if it was correct English to say he stinked, then he stinked as well…”. tragically Chloe discovers the plan to drive Mr. Stink out of town and takes it upon herself to save him by hiding him in her garden shed. Eventually, Chloe uncovers that there is more to Mr Stink than meets the eye.

So that brings us to the end of our list of the most unwanted Christmas gifts of 2023. Did you get any unwanted or repeat books for Christmas? if you did, download the WeBuyBooks app and see how much you could make for them in a flash.

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