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Dec 04, 2023

The Best Christmas Books for Kids


Baby’s Christmas Books

These books are specially created for the littlest readers, featuring vibrant, eye-catching illustrations and simple, rhythmic stories that capture the wonder of Christmas.

Perfect for cuddle time, these charming books introduce babies to the joys of the holiday season, from sparkling lights and jolly snowmen to the warmth of family gatherings.


  • Synopsis: That's not my Christmas tree comes in a larger format, adorned with a shimmering foiled cover and enchanting twinkly lights on its final page, making it an ideal gift for babies and toddlers experiencing their first Christmas. Each page invites little ones to a sensory adventure, exploring different textures like a rough trunk, prickly branches, glittering decorations and glossy presents adorning the Christmas trees. And, of course, every page features the series' signature - a little white mouse to find, adding an extra element of fun.
  • Author: Fiona Watt
  • Illustrator: Rachel Wells
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years


  • Synopsis: Peekaboo Santa combines easy-to-operate peekaboo sliders with a playful rhyming text and a delightful surprise mirror at the end, making it a perfect interactive experience for babies and toddlers. Featuring a total of 10 smooth and user-friendly mechanisms on every page, this book promises a world of excitement with every turn.
  • Author: Camilla Reid
  • Illustrator: Ingela P Arrhenius
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years


  • Synopsis: With the Christmas Sound Book the magic of Christmas comes alive with the press of a button. Featuring five distinctive sounds that capture the essence of the holiday season, little ones will be delighted by the jingle of bells, the crackle of a cosy fire and the whoosh of reindeer soaring through the night sky. As an added fun element, children can enjoy a little game of spotting presents hidden throughout the book's beautifully illustrated pages.
  • Author: Sam Taplin
  • Illustrator: Jo Rooks
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years


  • Synopsis: Discover the magic of a Baby's Very First Noisy Book Christmas designed to captivate young readers this festive season. This enchanting book is filled with charming Christmas scenes, each accompanied by its delightful melody and sound effects. As little fingers press the buttons, they'll be greeted with twinkling tunes that perfectly complement the imagery of gently falling snowflakes, a cheerful snowman and a merry Santa Claus. The book features convenient tabs, making it easy for children to flip through and find their most beloved pages.
  • Author: Fiona Watt
  • Illustrator: Stella Baggott
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years


  • Synopsis: Introduce your little ones to a festive sensory adventure with Don't Tickle Santa, perfect for babies and toddlers. Each page offers a unique blend of tactile touchy-feely patches and engaging sounds, creating a captivating experience for young readers. As they explore the book, they can 'tickle' characters like Santa, the elves, and the reindeer, activating delightful sounds that bring the merry crew to life. The real magic happens at the end of the book, where all these characters come together in a joyful Christmas melody.
  • Author: Sam Taplin
  • Illustrator: Ana Martin Larranaga
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years

Toddler Christmas Books

Children’s Christmas books bring the magic of the holiday season to life in a way that captivates and delights young minds. The best Christmas books for kids are a colourful blend of festive stories and interactive elements, like lift-the-flap surprises or touch-and-feel textures, designed to engage curious toddlers.

As they follow tales of snowy adventures and meet cheerful characters, toddlers not only enjoy the spirit of Christmas but also develop their learning and imagination.


  • Synopsis: Delight in this whimsical, rhyming adaptation of Tom Fletcher's beloved "The Christmasaurus," reimagined as a vibrant picture book brimming with festive cheer. Set in the farthest reaches of the North, where magic swirls amidst the snowflakes, Santa, his reindeer, and a special dinosaur friend, The Christmasaurus, call this wintery wonderland their home. The Christmasaurus dreams of soaring the skies, longing to help pull Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. Yet, despite Santa's guidance, flying proves to be quite the challenge. It's not until one magical Christmas when The Christmasaurus tumbles down a chimney and encounters a little boy, whose fascination with dinosaurs and unwavering belief sparks a remarkable transformation.
  • Author: Tom Fletcher
  • Illustrator: Shane Devries
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years


  • Synopsis: In this delightful and interactive tale, There's an Elf in Your Book, a playful little elf has leapt right into the pages of your book! This elf has a special mission: to find out if you've been naughty or nice this year. Through a series of fun and simple questions, the elf aims to discover just how well you've behaved. But beware – this elf might have a few cheeky tricks up their sleeve to tempt you into a bit of naughtiness! Keep your eyes peeled and your mind sharp, as this elf is quite cunning. Staying on your best behaviour is key if you aim to secure a spot on Santa's cherished Nice List.
  • Author: Tom Fletcher
  • Illustrator: Greg Abbott
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years


  • Synopsis: Hop into Santa's sleigh along with four joyful bunnies as they embark on a thrilling holiday quest. We're Going on a Sleigh Ride: A Lift-the-Flap Adventure, is a lively journey that isn't just a ride through the snowy skies – it's a merry treasure hunt, with ten hidden presents waiting to be discovered under the flaps. Your mission is to help navigate Santa's sleigh safely back to the North Pole, just in time for Christmas!
  • Author: Martha Mumford
  • Illustrator: Cherie Zamazing
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years


  • Synopsis: In this captivating holiday adventure, "The Search for Father Christmas," the beloved figure goes missing just as the most important night of the year unfolds! Ten Minutes to Bed: Where's Father Christmas? (Lift the flap book) is a delightful seasonal treat, featuring durable and engaging flaps on each page. Young readers will embark on an exciting quest to locate Father Christmas, encountering familiar friends from the "Ten Minutes to Bed" series along the way.
  • Author: Rhiannon Fielding
  • Illustrator: Chris Chatterton
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years


  • Synopsis: Each page reveals a captivating new scene through stunning cut-out peep-holes, beautifully narrating the classic Nativity story. Peep Inside the Nativity is an engaging way for young children to connect with the original Bible story and understand the true meaning of Christmas. It's a wonderful tool for storytelling, offering plenty to discuss and explore on each page. Ideal for family reading time during the holiday season.
  • Author: Anna Milbourne
  • Illustrator: Jessica Knight
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years

Christmas Books for Kids, 5-12 years

From heartwarming tales of holiday cheer to exciting narratives about Santa's adventures and the magic of the North Pole, the best Christmas books for kids blend vibrant illustrations with engaging plots.

Ideal for independent readers or as part of family storytime, these Christmas books are perfect to impart valuable lessons about kindness, generosity and the true meaning of Christmas.


  • Synopsis: Get ready for a soaring, magical journey this festive season with A Christmasaurus Carol - The Christmasaurus the latest enchanting adventure from bestselling author Tom Fletcher! The story rejoins William Trundle and his family as they eagerly anticipate the joys of Christmas. However, their festive spirits are soon tested when a powerful enchantment brings a mysterious old copy of "A Christmas Carol" to life, and none other than Ebenezer Scrooge steps out of its pages! With Christmas now teetering on the brink of disaster, it's up to William, Santa, and the extraordinary and magical Christmasaurus to embark on a mission to send Scrooge back into the book.
  • Author: Tom Fletcher
  • Illustrator: Shane Devries
  • Suitable for: 5-8 year olds


  • Synopsis: Cuddle up with a heartwarming collection of winter and Christmas stories from the renowned storyteller, Enid Blyton. Stories for Christmas is a charming anthology that brings the spirit of the festive season to life.
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • Suitable for: 5-8 year olds


  • Synopsis: Dive into the festive chaos with Katie Kirby's latest laugh-out-loud Lottie Brooks story, The Completely Chaotic Christmas of Lottie Brooks, set against the backdrop of a hilarious and heartwarming Christmas! The festive season is a whirlwind for Lottie this year, with her entire family descending for the celebrations, a Secret Santa to plan and her role in the Christmas play. Lottie finds herself cast not as a star, but as the back-end of a reindeer! Amidst the family chaos, gift exchanges, and play rehearsals, Lottie navigates the ups and downs of the season with her trademark humour and heart.
  • Author: Katie Kirby
  • Illustrator: Katie Kirby
  • Suitable for: 9-12 year olds


  • Synopsis: Operation Nativity sees Oscar and Molly's world turn upside down when they hear a startling crash outside. Rushing to see what happened, they find themselves face to face with a bewildered Angel Gabriel in their grandparents' backyard. Little do they know, this unexpected encounter is just the beginning of an extraordinary adventure – a race against time to save Christmas itself. The mission is clear but daunting: they must locate a missing shepherd, a wise man, a donkey, and, most importantly, Mary and Joseph. All these key figures have somehow crash-landed in the small town of Chipping Bottom. The stakes are incredibly high; if Oscar and Molly can't find them in time, Christmas as we know it will vanish, and so will they.
  • Author: Jenny Pearson
  • Illustrator: Katie Kear
  • Suitable for: 9-12 year olds


  • Synopsis: How the Grinch Lost Christmas! documents the Grinch's remarkable transformation. His heart, famously three sizes too small, has finally grown to embrace the joy and warmth of Christmas. It's in this newfound spirit that the Grinch encounters an exciting challenge: Whoville's grand Christmas tree competition. Eager to showcase his love for the holiday, the Grinch hatches a plan to create the most magnificent Christmas tree Whoville has ever witnessed - a tree to dwarf all others in its height and splendour.
  • Author: Dr. Seuss
  • Illustrator: Aristides Ruiz
  • Suitable for: 9-12 year olds

Christmas Activity Books for Kids

Christmas activity books for kids are a treasure trove of festive fun, bursting with puzzles, crafts, and games that perfectly capture the holiday spirit. These books provide hours of entertainment with activities like Christmas-themed mazes, colouring pages, and DIY decorations, keeping young minds creatively engaged during the holiday season.


  • Synopsis: Embark on a festive journey with this captivating First Sticker Book, Christmas, where the wonders of the holiday season come to life. The excitement of preparing for the big day is captured on every page, creating an immersive experience for readers. To add to the fun, this enchanting book comes with over 150 stickers, allowing you to personalise the story and be a part of the festive magic.
  • Author: Alice Beecham
  • Illustrator: Katya Longhi
  • Suitable for: 0-5 years


  • Synopsis: Dive into the festive season with this delightful square-shaped Christmas colouring book, designed for hours of holiday enjoyment. The pages of Let's Colour Christmas - Santa's Sleigh Ride is filled with a variety of Christmas-themed illustrations, perfect for sparking creativity and getting into the spirit of the season. Whether it's cosy evenings by the fire or fun-filled afternoons, this colouring book is an ideal companion for anyone looking to add a splash of colour to their Christmas celebrations.
  • Author: North Parade Publishing
  • Suitable for: 0-12 years


  • Synopsis: From intricate holiday scenes to fun and whimsical characters, there's something for every young artist to enjoy. Christmas Activity Books For Kids 6-12 includes a variety of mazes that challenge and entertain, as well as Sudoku puzzles tailored for young minds. For those who love numbers, there are math games that make learning fun and festive. The book also offers dot-to-dot activities that entertain and help to develop fine motor skills. Plus, the colour-by-number pages provide a delightful way for kids to learn about colours and numbers while creating beautiful holiday artwork.
  • Author: Hanjie King Publishing
  • Suitable for: 6-12 year olds


  • Synopsis: Each page of The Nativity: Christmas Coloring Tracing and Cutting Workbook for Kids is an opportunity to explore colours and express creativity while engaging with the Christmas tale. Alongside colouring, the book includes tracing activities that help in developing fine motor skills. Children can trace the outlines of stars, angels, the manger, and more, aiding in hand-eye coordination and pen control. The cutting exercises are perfect for little hands to practice their scissor skills safely. These activities not only enhance dexterity but also encourage children to create their own Nativity scenes and Christmas decorations.
  • Author: Ariadne's Art
  • Suitable for: Children 3+


  • Synopsis: Introducing "Christmas Alphabet Dot To Dot: Alphabet Tracing And Coloring Book For Toddlers" a delightful tracing and colouring book designed specifically for toddlers and young children. This fun-filled Christmas activity book is the perfect way to blend holiday joy with educational enrichment. Each page of this vibrant book invites little ones to connect the dots, revealing letters of the alphabet in a festive Christmas theme. As they trace from one dot to the next, children will not only learn their ABCs but also improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. After completing the dot-to-dot challenges, kids can dive into coloring the beautifully illustrated pages, filled with Christmas scenes and characters. Colouring activities foster creativity and help in the development of colour recognition and artistic skills.
  • Author: Malia Ratliff
  • Suitable for: 2-5 year olds


  • Synopsis: Celebrate the festive season in a uniquely numerical way with Numberblocks Christmas Sticker Activity Book. This vibrant and interactive book invites children to join the beloved Numberblocks for a holiday adventure filled with games, puzzles, and loads of fun. Spanning 32 pages of merry activities, this book is a perfect blend of entertainment and learning. Kids can dive into various puzzles and games, each creatively designed to engage their minds while embracing the joy of the season. But that's not all – "Christmas in Numberland" comes packed with over 100 festive stickers! Children can use these colourful stickers to complete activities within the book or to create their holiday scenes and stories.
  • Author: Numberblocks, Sweet Cherry Publishing
  • Suitable for: 3-6 years

Personalised Christmas Books for Kids

Personalised books are a unique treasure, offering a special touch that can turn a simple story into a cherished keepsake, remembered and loved for years.

Talented creators such as those on Etsy and Not On The High Street specialise in crafting personalised books where the child becomes the star of their own Christmas adventure. Each book can be customised with the child's name, making them the protagonist of a unique holiday story. These books are known for their vibrant illustrations and captivating narratives, making each reading a special moment.

Second-hand Children’s Christmas Books

Buying second-hand children's Christmas books offers a unique blend of benefits that extend beyond just savings. The best Christmas books for kids carry with them a sense of nostalgia, adding an extra layer of charm to the holiday reading experience.

Purchasing second-hand encourages children to value the stories themselves, rather than just the novelty of new items, embodying the spirit of sustainability and mindful consumption.

View our selection of children’s Christmas books on Amazon, eBay and Abebooks.

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