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Oct 20, 2021

4 Easy Steps to Sell Your Unwanted Items

Selling in 4 Easy StepsSo, Christmas is over and most people will have spent fortunes on gifts for friends and loved ones only to find that things at home are a little touch and go; with wallets, purses and bank balances looking even emptier than usual. At We Buy Books we like to think of ourselves as a place where you can get a little something back, either as a place to de-clutter and sell unwanted items or as a way to make a little bit of extra money; money that will come in particularly handy at this time of year.

Sell unwanted items, such as CDs, Books and Video Games to We Buy Books and we’ll give you absolute top dollar for them. Think of it as ridding yourself of things that you no longer want in order to be able to purchase the things that you need. This could help towards paying the bills, putting towards the holiday fund or treating you and a loved one to a meal at your favourite restaurant, (you can actually do what you want with it, it’s your money and we won’t judge you for whatever you decide).

Just think of all the books, CDs and games you have around the house at any one time, and you won’t even bother looking, listening or playing most of them. It makes sense to cash in now because at We Buy Books we are the perfect place to sell unwanted items and receive darned good money in the process. Of course there are other alternatives to We Buy Books but nothing matches the prices we offer or the ease in which you’ll receive your money.

We will give you an immediate valuation on all your unwanted items and it’s free to send them, (that’s right, no hidden fees), all you need to do is go to our website, type in the barcode and print off a free, pre-paid postage label and send it to us. Once we have received your items we will immediately forward the money – the process is that quick you will barely have time to work out what you’ll spend it on!

Many of our customers are repeat sellers due to the fantastic prices we give for all the items we receive as well as the speed and efficiency with which we work. If you want to sell unwanted items and get the very best prices then there really is only one place that you should go.

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