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Aug 15, 2023

We've Partnered With Rossendale Hospice!


Rossendale Hospice is a wonderful charity, local to us here at WeBuyBooks. They provide exceptional care for people with life-limiting illnesses and offer support to their loved ones. From day therapy to a hospice at-home service, Rossendale Hospice are truly a pillar of the community.

Who are Rossendale Hospice?

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Rossendale Hospice cares for patients with life-limiting conditions, including cancer, Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Chronic Lung Disease (COPD). They provide a range of services to improve the life quality of patients and their families.

That includes a hospice at home service for people who would prefer to live, receive care and die at home. It encompasses standard nursing, pain management as well as practical support around the home. This not only benefits the patient but also gives carers a break. This service is available for patients in palliative care, so they can spend the remainder of their life at home according to their wishes.

Rossendale Hospice doesn’t just provide medical care, but also offers a well-being service to support patients’ emotional, social and mental needs. This includes activities like games, art therapy, beauty treatments and access to the sensory garden. The well-being service is supported by a social worker, specialist consultant and palliative physiotherapy specialist so that patients can access the support they need. They also offer a range of complementary therapies like massage, hydrotherapy and Reiki to help relieve stress and physical symptoms.

They also offer counselling for patients and their loved ones. Patients can access counselling and psychotherapy to help them cope with any fear, anxiety, depression and any other emotion they might feel. Their families and close friends are also able to access pre and post-bereavement therapy. Pre-bereavement counselling can help loved ones cope with the emotional strain of caring for a loved one, as well as fears about losing them. Post-bereavement therapy is there to support through the grieving process.

How to Support Rossendale Hospice

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As a charity, only 25% of Rossendale Hospice’s £1 million running costs are funded by the government. They are responsible for raising the remaining £750,000 themselves. Most of this comes from individual donations and fundraising, like sponsored walks, skydiving and bake sales.

Now there’s a new way to support Rossendale Hospice. When you sell items to WeBuyBooks, you can choose to donate the money from your sale directly to one of our charity partners, including Rossendale Hospice.

How Does our Charity Feature Work?

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The process to sell your items remains the same, but instead of entering your payment details at checkout, you’ll simply choose to donate to charity instead. When you select this option, you’ll be able to choose from one of our partner charities, including Rossendale Hospice.

On average, our customers make around £30 by selling their unwanted stuff to webuybooks. Plus, when you sell over £25 worth of items, we automatically increase the amount we pay out by 5%! So, that’s £31.50 that you could donate to one of our charities. The more items you sell, the more money you’ll be able to raise for Rossendale Hospice, supporting patients and their families. So have a good clear out and see what items you can find to support this wonderful charity! We buy books, CDs, DVDs and more.

Start Selling, Start Donating

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