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Aug 16, 2023

Results: PRINTED VS DIGITAL What format do you prefer?

headerThe results have been counted and it’s official – we can reveal people prefer to read a printed book over their digital counterparts.

88% graphicThousands of you voted on our online poll and it seems that you prefer to hold a hard copy rather than view the words on an e-book.

The poll was open over six months and a whopping 88% of WeBuyBooks customers voted for a printed book.

Just 12% said they preferred digital.

So it’s true, our book lovers do prefer to hold, sniff and caress the pages of a paperback.

And we think it’s fabulous that the printed book is still thriving despite speculation that they would disappear.

Paper books were meant to be a thing of the past!

bookstoreWhen e-books arrived on the scene, forecasters said that it was only a matter of time before print books would be long gone.

And although the Great Book Format Debate has been ongoing for a long time we also know that national bookstores are still selling lots of our favourite novels, thrillers and autobiographies.

According to Waterstones, the UK’s largest bookshop chain, sales of Amazon’s Kindle e-Reader had almost disappeared, with traditional paper-based books surging in popularity. Wa-hey!

reading in bedSwitch to paper and you’ll get more zzzzzzzzz

There’s thousands of reasons why people prefer a paper book but one of the most popular ones was that e-books deprive you of sleep.

It’s a proven fact according to a Harvard study that tested those who read before they fell asleep.

The study said that if the e-book was “light emitting” it took participants an average of ten minutes longer to fall asleep than those who read physical books instead.

One reader said: “After using my phone during the day, flicking through Twitter and Facebook, online banking, the web and whatever else distracts me I find a paper book helps me to wind down. It calms me down and helps me to use my imagination.”

Don’t worry digital device lovers

reading ebookThere’s no denying that e-books are popular to read.

In fact the 12% of people that voted for an electronic device would have done so for more practical reasons.

Another story lover commented: “It’s not the fact that we don’t like paper books. It’s just that some people, including myself find digital reading easier. When I am at the gym it’s easier to prop my Kindle up against the tread mill and read. A book always folds over and it’s distracting. Not to mention when I am on holiday I can take as many books away with me and it doesn’t weigh down my luggage.”


What do you think about the future of these two reading options? Contact us Twitter and Facebook to get involved in the discussion!


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