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Aug 17, 2023

Best Places to Sell Your Books

Where to sell your books

As it stands now there are a number of places to sell books so that people can make a bit of extra money. In the spirit of fairness we at We Buy Books are going to give you a head’s up on a few of them before, in the spirit of unfairness, we tell you that they are all rubbish and the way to make the most money from your old books is by using We Buy Books.  We are confident that the simple way in which we operate makes us the best, most convenient way for you to receive top whack for your books.

Books at a Car Boot Sale

Other places to sell books include the trusty old car boot sale, which involves you going to a field in the middle of nowhere, ridiculously early in the morning that has been pelted by several inches of rain during the previous 48 hrs; meaning that it resembles a quagmire more than it does a place to buy and sell used items' and this is before you've even set your stall up! You then spend the next 6 hours, freezing cold and miserable watching people walk past your stall offering you 25 pence for a copy of a book that you wanted at least a fiver for. It involves a lot of hard, tedious work and the chances are you won't get good value on any books you end up selling. What you may end up with is severe cold or flu-like symptoms that mean you can't go to work the following day, so you may even end up losing out.

Sell on ebay

Now that is obviously worse case scenario, but you have to ask yourself if it's worth all the effort. Other places to sell books include eBay. Now I know what you're thinking, how can you possibly find fault with one of the most popular websites in the world? Well, eBay comes with its own set of problems; such as there being no guarantee that your books will sell at all.

Also, you have to pay for most items that you list and auctions can take around a week so you have to wait around hoping that your book will sell.

We believe that one of the simplest and most convenient places to sell books is at We Buy Books, where all these obstacles are eliminated as the process is quick, simple and you get an immediate value for the books you want to sell. All you need to do is check out our website, type out the ISBN number written on the back and we'll immediately give you the best price possible. Should you choose to accept it, simply send us your books and we'll get the money to you quick smart. This means no pre-dawn get ups in minus temperatures to car boot sales or waiting a week on eBay only to find out that nobody is interested in any of the books you want to sell.

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