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Mar 31, 2023

Packaging Tips: How to Box Your Books


You’ve decided to sell your books to WeBuyBooks. That’s great - but what now? We’re all about limiting our impact on the environment, which is why we’d encourage you to send us your books in one cardboard box. We’ve got some tips for packing your books that will help you save space, whilst still keeping your books safe.

The Environmental Impact of Packaging

The Environmental Impact of Packaging.jpg

The world produces about 141 million tonnes of plastic packaging each year. In the UK, plastic packaging alone accounts for 70% of our annual plastic waste. That’s because lots of plastic packaging can’t yet be recycled from our homes. Instead, we’re left to put it in normal waste bins, sending it to landfill where it will sit for potentially thousands of years.

Here at WeBuyBooks, we’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment. That’s why we only accept books in cardboard boxes. Recycled or reused cardboard boxes are even better! And we recycle all the cardboard boxes we receive, much like we’ll recycle any damaged books we receive with the seller’s permission.

WeBuyBooks Packaging Policy

We Buy Books Packaging Policy.jpg

Our handy box calculator will help you work out how many boxes you’ll need to send your books to us. We’ve got a few packaging guidelines which we ask you to follow to keep your books safe on the journey to us.

  • Boxes must weigh no more than 15kg and be no more than 120cm in length.
  • Make sure boxes are high quality - corrugated cardboard is the best.
  • Remove any existing labels - you want to make sure it gets to us!
  • If you’ve got multiple offers, make sure you attach the right label for the books in the box.
  • Secure your items with bubble wrap or other pieces of cardboard.
  • Post within 7 days of receiving your offer.

How to Pack Your Books

How to Pack Your Books.jpg

When you’re packing up your books, here are some space-saving tips to protect your books and fit as many in one box as possible.

1. Find a Sturdy Box

Tip number one: find a high-quality, sturdy box. You can get a new box or reuse an old one, just make sure there are no rips, wear and tear or damp patches. It should be a small to medium size box to make sure your books can’t move around on the journey. And remember, the maximum weight is 15kg which can fill up quickly when you’re packing books.

2. Use Packing Paper

If you’re reusing an old box, you may want to line it with some packing paper. This will stop your books from getting marked or damaged in transit. After all, we make our offer based on the books being in the condition described. If they arrive dirty or damaged, our offer may not stand.

You can also then use any leftover packing paper to wedge books in place. This is a more eco-friendly packing solution than bubble wrap, as we can recycle the packing paper.

3. Pack Hardback Books Upright

Pack your hardback books stood upright. They have a hard spine so this should protect them from getting bent or damaged on the journey. If your hardback has a fragile or intricate front cover, you could use packing paper to protect this.

4. Pack Paperback Books on Their Side

You should pack paperback books flat on their side. They don’t have a hard spine, so they can bend and damage the pages if you stand them upright. Lying them flat on their side should protect them from any damage.

So those are our top tips to send your books to WeBuyBooks! Try to send your books in one box to minimise the environmental impact of your sale. When we receive it, we’ll reuse or recycle your cardboard box, to prevent it from going to landfill.

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