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Aug 16, 2023

WeBuyBooks Introduces The Free Little Library

Discover the We Buy Books Free Little Library

This time last year we were busy applying the finishing touches to our Free Little Library. Almost a year after its grand unveiling our Free Little Library container, which could be mistaken for an oversized birdhouse, is going from strength to strength and continues to be a massive hit with locals in the Rossendale borough and surrounding areas.

The We Buy Books FRee Little Library under construction If you haven't heard about it or seen it yet then where have you been hiding for the past year? You don't know what you’re missing out on!

The concept is easy, we stock our quirky birdcage like container with books and DVDs of all genres for you to enjoy free of charge! It works like a library but there are no late fees, no due dates and no library cards required, hence the name FREE LITTLE LIBRARY.

Originally thought up by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks in 2009 the Free Little Library encourages reading and book sharing within a community. It enables people to broaden their horizons and meet likeminded people by borrowing and sharing books.

Stocking around 50 books and DVDs our Free Little Library is replenished daily with books and DVDs of all genres and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

A local community member making the most of the We Buy Books Free Little LibraryThere's no time limit on returning your book, once you've finished you can keep it collecting dust on your book shelf, pass it on for a friend to enjoy or return it to the Free Little Library and grab yourself another read! See, it really is that simple!

Over the past year our Free Little Library has grown massively and is extremely popular. With a diverse range of books and DVDs added daily various titles tend to be more popular than others.The Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and Hunger Games films are by far the most popular DVDs and when it comes to books the people of Rossendale have enjoyed the Fifty Shades, Harry Potter and The Game of Thrones novels. See, there’s something to suit everyone!

So if you find yourself passing our Free Little Library why not brighten up your day help yourself to one of our books and DVDs?

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