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Aug 16, 2023

National Spring Cleaning Week – Time for a clear out!

National Spring Cleaning Week - Time for a clear out!

The snowdrops are out, and the nights are getting lighter, which can only mean one thing: It’s nearly spring!

Spring is a fantastic time of the year to have a big sort out, and what better time than National Spring Cleaning Week? It runs from 5th to 11th March and gives you the perfect excuse to have a spring clean and a de-clutter.

In case you’re not feeling it, here’s some reasons to get the rubber gloves on, and the bin bags out.

You’ll feel very zen

So believe it or not, clutter makes you stressed.

Those books that always topple over when you slam the door – it’s making you vexed. That pile of CDs you always trip over in the lounge – it’s raising your stress levels. So having a spring clean and going through all your stuff will help you feel calmer, happier and an all round nicer person.


Your house will feel twice the size

When you’ve had a clear out, it’s amazing how much bigger your house looks. Even a couple of empty shelves, or a floor space that you’ve cleared will make a big difference.

You can use this space to rearrange a room, or you can get rid of storage you no longer need and make your rooms look even bigger. It will be like living in a different house!


It’s easier to clean

Clutter collects dust, and even mildew if your house is damp. So having a clean and a tidy, and getting rid of some of your old books, CDs or DVDs that you don’t use any more will make it much easier to dust, vacuum and air the rooms ready for spring.

It’s much easier to then whizz round the whole house and finish off the rest of your spring clean so you can do something more exciting with your time. (Unless you love to clean, and if that’s you then we salute you.)


You can make some cash

By selling your old CDs, Books or DVDs at We Buy Books, you can actually make some money. This will make all spring cleaning and decluttering worthwhile, and possibly even make you want to do a little dance.


Then you can buy some new stuff or go somewhere nice

Now this is a good one. We buy your stuff, and you make money for new things. Whether it’s a night out with your mates, a slap up dinner, or a new book or DVD – the world is your oyster!


To sell us your books, CDs, or DVDs, head over to our selling basket and put in your barcode.

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