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Dec 15, 2023

Make Money by Selling These 10 Household Items

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So, you’ve decided it’s high time to declutter, but this raises the question; what to do with all the stuff you are getting rid of?

Of course, if it’s either too old or too damaged to reuse then recycling or upcycling is always an option, but what about all those things that would just be a waste to throw away?

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that there’s a pretty penny to be made from all your clutter, and in today’s online culture it’s easier than ever to turn your stuff from clutter to cash.

Below is a quick guide showing you what kind of things can earn you money and where to sell them.


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Starting off with a biggy - it’s safe to say that if you are looking to make some money from your household items then clothes are going to be top of your list. We all grow out of our clothes and with trends and with lines constantly being released, wardrobe updates are a common occurrence for a lot of people which can cause the fabric can begin to pile up. The market is full of options for you to sell your clothes, for example Vinted and Depop are both safe and reliable platforms for anyone to buy and sell unwanted clothing.

Baby Stuff

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Did you know that, according to figures published in 2015, around 1,800 are born every day on average? And what does that mean? Well, it means that there is always high demand for things like baby clothes, prams, toys etc. so if you have any friends or family that are expecting a little one, then why not see if they are interested in any of your old baby clothes. You can also check out specialist sites like KatiesKidsClothes or eBay is always a good option when selling clothes online. Just make sure you know what you are selling - brands names tend to sell well.


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Nowadays, it will be near impossible to find a household without a surplus of electronics lying around or tucked away in a draw somewhere. Because of the abundance of spare tech, there are numerous sites available for you to sell your stuff and make a few extra pounds. One such website is money4mytech. Through their website you can make some quick and easy cash by selling your old phones, computers, laptops and headphones. Offering fair prices and great service, money4mytech is a great option.


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Books can be an excellent source of income, no matter what books you have in your home. It’s likely that some of them are worth a sizeable sum. The second-hand book trade is a growing business, and it’s thanks to those budding entrepreneurs out there, realising the value in their old reading material. Don’t believe us? Check out the WeBuyBooks app and start scanning your books to see exactly how much you can earn.

How do I sell my books using WeBuyBooks?

Talk me through the process


Games (Warhammer, Funko, board games, Lego)

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If you still have all your old collectibles and games, there’s a chance you could be sat on a veritable gold mine. Before you take your old cards, collectibles and games to the charity shop its worth having a quick route through to see what you can find, you never know, you could stumble across a 1999 1st edition shadowless holographic Charizard worth a mind boggling £278,585… even if you don’t have several hundred thousand pounds worth of collectible cards you can still make a pretty penny selling your old hobby stuff to WeBuyGames.


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Have you got an old pair of trainers that you never wear? Maybe you have a pair of high heels that you wore that one time 5 years ago on a night out? Whatever you have it’s likely you can make some money from it. If you decide to part with your beloved footwear then a good place to start looking is Sell My Soles. They offer great prices and will give you the assurance that your shoes will find their way to a good home.


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Bags in many respects are similar to shoes, in that quite often they can hold their value really well, especially if they are a well-known brand. Quite often you will hear about famous celebrities selling bags for thousands of pounds, but you don’t have to have a one-of-a-kind Prada handbag to be able to make some money. Check out Shopify to see how much you can start earning from your unwanted bags. And if you do happen to have a couple designer bags tucked away visit The Handbag Clinic and get a quote for your handbags and purses.

Outdoor Kit

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Spent the lockdown of 2020 finding new mountains and trails to hike? Invested in some super fancy hiking gear like the top of the range rucksack or those high-tech walking poles? Now things are back to normal you might not have time for it as much now and all these pieces of kit are just left tucked away in the cupboard. Well, these items are in high demand and can sell for a very good price. Facebook marketplace is a great place to give these items a fresh lease of life, with thousands of people looking to get a good deal on the top kit, it should be easy to find a buyer. It’s important to be careful with kit like this as, often it can incorporate safety equipment such as carabiners and rope whose structural integrity is crucial to its safety and functionality.


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Much like the other tech lying around in your house, cameras are frequently updated and become old and outdated with better versions being released all the time. However, that is not to say that they lose their value, cameras are great for holding their value especially if you have known brands like Nikon or Canon. Harrison Cameras is a great place to start when you are looking to sell either high end photography equipment or vintage cameras alike.


blog images-bikes.png

Whether you are a professional cyclist or a just an amateur, there are always options to make money from your old bikes. If you are upgrading to the next model and looking to sell your old premium bike then Cycle Exchange is a great place to start, offering great prices on high-end bikes and parts. If you are more of an amateur or just simply haven’t used your bike for a while and want to free up the space, then why not try Bikesoup, a safe platform for you to sell your bike to other enthusiasts and bike lovers. This site even offers safer packaging to protect your bike in transit as well as insurance in case of any issues. Another option is to find a local bike shop to see if they are willing to buy your old set wheels off you.


So, there’s a quick insight to help you make some money just by selling the stuff that you can find lying around.

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