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Aug 16, 2023

Look After Your Books With These Tips

6 Tricks to keep your books in top conditionA spring clean is a great time to get rid of unwanted books. It’s also the time when you can most regret not looking after them properly, because a book’s condition really affects its resale value.

Here at We Buy Books we offer an easy way to sell unwanted books, but you’ll only get top dollar for those in good condition. So any rips, stains or other defects could mean you earn a lot less, but how do you ensure your unwanted hardbacks and paperbacks make you useful extra cash? Here are six ways to keep them looking their best:

Bookshelf1. Always store in a cool, dry place

Like food, books are choosy about where they’re kept. If it’s too humid, mould will grow on the pages, spoiling their appearance and reducing their value. So avoid keeping books in warm places – including the plastic bag you got when you bought it. If you’re short on cool, dry places, somewhere with a consistent temperature is next best. That rules out the garage or loft.

2. Always handle with care

Licking your fingers to make turning the page easier is a no-no, as saliva causes permanent damage. Much better (but admittedly less convenient) to use a slightly wet sponge in order to discover the next twist in that thrilling page-turner.

Food and books don’t mix either. Spilling food on your book will leave a mess and smell that won’t appeal to a buyer. So keep food away from books and wipe your fingers before turning the page. If the worst happens, clean the stain immediately using a damp cloth.

Bookmark3. Save the spine and buy a bookmark

It can be tempting to break the spine of a paperback to make it easier to read one-handed. Don’t. It will leave a permanent mark that will affect your book’s resale value.

Precious few of us have the time to read a whole book in one go. That’s why bookmarks were invented. But if you haven’t got one, don’t fold the corner of a page instead, as that will leave a permanent scar. Use a piece of paper or flat object (like a ruler) to mark your page.

4. Make repairs sooner rather than later

When it comes to damaged books, the old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” really applies. If a page comes loose, for example, just glue along the spine and stick it back in before any more pages suffer a similar fate. A book that hasn’t been looked after is more likely to experience further bad treatment and is less likely to sell.

First Class Postage5. Make sure your books travel first class

Most books are easy to carry, but other things in your bag like food or pens can damage them. So, when packing a romance to read on the beach, or an autobiography to enjoy on the plane, put your book in its own bag or box to prevent damage during transit.

6. Buy a spare copy

A well thumbed book might be evidence of it being much-loved, but it won’t appeal to a book buyer. Buying a second copy, or even a digital version, is a good way to ensure you’ve got at least one pristine version of your favourite book to keep – or sell.

To sell your old, unwanted books then head over to our website now. The service we offer is simple, hassle free and you could bag yourself a small fortune along the way. For more information on our service feel free to give us a call on 01706 248281 or you can find us on social media, we are constantly active on Twitter and Facebook.

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