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Oct 17, 2022

Five Amazing Things That Happened in October's Literary History


The spooky month of October is almost at an end, but in typical WeBuyBooks fashion we've taken some time to have a look back through history at five amazing literary events to occur this month. So sit back, put the fire on and enjoy!

Peanuts Debuts

PeanutsOn 2nd October 1950 the most popular and influential comic strip of all time was first published in the US. Bursting with characters that would go on to be household names the comic strip, found in Daily and Sunday newspapers across the US, addressed social issues at the time in a unique and comical way.

Written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz, there were almost 18,000 comic strips published in over 2600 newspapers and translated into 21 languages. The comic strip was so popular it was later adapted for television and film, bringing famous characters such as Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally Brown, Eudora, Franklin and many more to life.

On 3rd January 2000 the last ever Peanuts comic strip was published, a day after the death of creator Schulz. No more new comic strips have been published since, although old strips continue to be published in newspapers across the world.

Winnie-the-Pooh Published

WinnieWinnie-the-Poor, the world’s most loved and remarkable bear, was introduced to the world on 14th October 1926. At his holiday home in Cotchford Farm A. A. Milne was inspired by his son Christopher Robin and the games he would play with his favourite, much loved teddy bear.

As his son’s collection of stuffed animals grew so did Milne’s inspiration and with it came more stories and more characters including the much loved Rabbit, Owl, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, and Tigger.

Unsurprisingly there have been many adaptions of the literature classic for television, radio and film, most famously Disney, during which Pooh was given his legendary cutoff red shirt.

Almost a century on and Winnie-the-Pooh continues to provide generation after generation with fun and enjoyment across a whole host of platforms. Winnie-the-Pooh was more than a collection of stories, it was a legacy, a legacy that lives on!

First Edition of Moby-Dick Published

Moby DickWritten by American Herman Melville the classic Moby Dick was published on 18th October 1851 and has been touted as one of the greatest novels ever written.

This classic piece of literature revolves around Captain Ahab and his obsession with a huge whale, Moby Dick, who caused the loss of his leg some years before. Seeking revenge the sailor is willing to risk everything, even his own life, in an attempt to find and destroy the whale. As his crew soon learn, Ahab will stop at nothing to get one over the whale.

Following the success of the novel, many adaptations were made for a variety of platforms including art, film, cartoons and television. And to this day people all over the world continue to enjoy this fantastic piece of literature.

Evelyn Waugh is Born

EvelynThe great Evelyn Waugh was born on 28th October 1903 and went on to become one of the greatest satirical novelists of his time!

Producing a number of well known titles including The Loved One and Brideshead Revisited Waugh was inspired by the world famous Charles Dickens, who worked alongside Waugh’s father, Arthur, at the local publishing house.

After leaving Hertford College in Oxford without a degree Waugh took a number of low-paying teaching jobs before striking it big. After consulting with a friend the English publishing company Duckworth gifted the aspiring writer a lifeline, commissioning a biographical work of artist Daniel Gabriel Rossetti. Although it wasn’t a huge success Waugh soon bounced back with the publication of his next effort the Decline and Fall, and the rest was history. Waugh established himself as a very talented writer and went on to have a successful career writing novels, biographies and travel books.

First Collection of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Published

SherlockOn the final day of the month some 122 years ago the first collection of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes were published. Despite Sherlock Holmes first featuring in Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine and The Strand Magazine, it wasn’t until the publication of Conan Doyle’s 12 short stories that people started to take a real interest in the quirky detective.

The first collection of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes contained a number of gripping titles including A Scandal in Bohemia, The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb, The Man with the Twisted Lip and many more. Following his early success Doyle continued to produce jaw-dropping pieces of literature, which is why Sherlock Holmes is a household name in today’s day and age.

Paying testament to the incredible writer and character The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes have been, and continue, to be adapted for a wide range of platforms including film, radio and television.

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