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Aug 15, 2023

How to Make £100 Selling Your Old Books


We know what you’re thinking, it sounds too good to be true, right? But with both environmental and economic concerns at the forefront of everyone's mind, it’s no surprise that the second-hand sales market is booming. Just have a look around you right now, we guarantee that you have at least a few quid stacked on your shelves!   On average our WeBuyBooks customers make around £28.83 from selling their unwanted books, but this could be much more depending on your book hoard. But fear not, having a mountain of books already isn’t the only way to start bringing in the money. Thanks to the all-around accessibility of books (they’re literally everywhere), sourcing them to sell has never been easier!

Here are a couple of ways to get you started, to kickstart your money-making venture right now.

1. Ask Friends & Family for Their Books

Ask Friends & Family for Their Books.jpg

Ask friends or family if they have any books they no longer use. Even if just one person offloads their unwanted books, that could be another £28.83! And if you feel a little cheeky taking their unwanted book to sell, you could arrange a declutter deal where you clear out their collection and split the cash.

2. Check the Shelves of Charity Shops

Check The Shelves of Charity Shops.jpg

Okay, so far, we are up to a total of £57.66, but you and your ‘personal suppliers’ have run out of books. It’s time to hit the local charity shops. Scanning the shelves frugally for books in charity shops could become your new favourite pastime. This avenue will achieve 2 things: firstly, will you be donating to a worthy cause and secondly, you will be adding sellable books to your collection, it’s a win-win. Now, you might be thinking, ‘how much money can I really make from buying old books from a charity shop?’ but you may be surprised at how profitable charity shop books can be! Using this book-foraging technique our customers have been able to raise upwards of thousands of pounds, but for the sake of a day’s jaunt to the charity shop. We have just added another £28.83. Knowing you can turn those pages into money is a compelling incentive.

3. Scour the Internet

Scour The Internet.jpg

The next point of call is the internet, people are always giving away books on free sites and marketplaces, all it takes is a lucky find on Facebook marketplace or gumtree, to pocket another £28.83. You don’t always know what you’re going to end up with prior to the collection but it’s almost always a guaranteed opportunity to make extra cash from unwanted books.

4. Meet Your £100 Goal!

Meet your £100 goal!.jpg

There you have it, after a single day’s searching, you could have the means to pocket £115.32. And all you need to do now is open our free app and start scanning, then, when you are ready, box them up and send them off. That’s over your target of £100.00 with a little extra to treat yourself with, and all just from selling used books. Still unconvinced? Check out some of our reviews below from our customers who have all made over £100 selling used books with WeBuyBooks.

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