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Dec 15, 2023

How to Get Your Kids to Love Reading: Friendly and Fun Tips for Parents


Are you looking to turn your little ones into avid readers in this digital age? You're not alone! In the digital age, where gadgets and screens often dominate our children's attention, instilling a love for reading can seem like an uphill battle. However, the importance of nurturing children's reading habits cannot be overstated!

Reading not only enhances academic skills but also fosters imagination, empathy, and critical thinking. So, let's dive into some friendly and practical strategies to encourage your young readers and create a cosy, reading-friendly environment at home, that competes with the allure of digital distractions.

1. Create a Reading-Friendly Environment

1. Create a Reading-Friendly Environment.jpg

Cosy Reading Nooks

Imagine a little corner in your home where stories come to life! Creating a cosy reading nook is like building a personal wonderland for your child. A comfy chair, some soft pillows, good lighting, and a stash of exciting kids reading books can make this space the best spot in the house. It's all about making them feel snug and excited about diving into a book.

Bookshelves Galore

Think of your bookshelves as a colourful buffet of stories just waiting to be devoured. Organise them in a fun and accessible way, perhaps by genre, author, or reading level, and make sure they are within easy reach. This will help your little ones feel like they're on a treasure hunt every time they pick a book. Remember, a visually appealing bookshelf can be as enticing as the books themselves. And why not make rearranging the bookshelf a fun activity you can do together?

Lead by Example

Kids are great at following by example. If they see you lost in a book and loving it, chances are they'll want to know what all the fuss is about. Let them see you reading, discuss books you love, share interesting stories or facts you come across and watch their curiosity about books grow!

2. Choose the Right Books

2. Choose the Right Books.jpg

Explore Their Interests

Is your kiddo into magic, trains, or fairy tales? Find books that match their current obsessions! Picking books that align with your child's interests is crucial. For example, if they love dinosaurs, find books that explore prehistoric times. If they're interested in space, books about the solar system can captivate them. This alignment of interests with reading material can be a game-changer in motivating your child to read.

Variety is Key

A mix of different books keeps things exciting. Picture books, adventure stories, comics, and even fun facts books can all have a place on their shelf. It's like having a little library of wonders at home, catering to every mood and interest.

Visit the Library

Libraries are treasure troves of knowledge and stories. Regular visits can be an exciting ritual, offering a whole new world of books to explore. Plus, many libraries have cool programs, reading clubs and story hours that are specifically designed to foster a love of reading in children.

3. Reading Rituals and Routines

3. Reading Rituals and Routines.jpg

Bedtime Stories

There's something magical about ending the day with a story. This quiet, intimate time allows for bonding, instils a sense of security and is a good way to wind down before sleep. It’s a routine that kids often look forward to.

Family Reading Time

How about setting aside some time when everyone in the family curls up with a book? This could be a quiet hour where everyone reads their book or a time when you read a story aloud. This shared experience not only reinforces reading habits but also strengthens family bonds.

Book Clubs

Imagine starting a little book club with your child and their friends, or even a parent-child book club. This can be a fantastic way to share thoughts about books and get excited about reading together. Plus it provides the opportunity for discussing different perspectives and enhances comprehension and critical thinking skills.

4. Make Reading an Adventure

4. Make Reading an Adventure.jpg

Reading Challenges

Set up some playful reading challenges with fun rewards. It could be anything from reading a certain number of books to exploring a new genre, or a book-a-week challenge. It's like a reading game with cool prizes at the end! Make sure the challenges are achievable and appropriate for your child’s reading level.

Themed Reading Nights

How about a pirate-themed reading night or a space adventure evening? Organise themed reading nights based on different books or genres. This could involve dressing up as favourite characters, preparing meals mentioned in books, or activities related to the book's theme. Nights like these can turn reading into an exciting event.

Book-related Outings

Plan trips to bookshops, libraries, literary festivals, or places related to their favourite books or authors, such as a museum, a historical site, or even a themed park. These experiences can make the stories come alive and deepen your child's connection with reading.

5. Encourage Discussion and Imagination

5. Encourage Discussion and Imagination.jpg

Ask Questions

Chat about the books they're reading. Ask fun, open-ended questions that get them thinking and sharing their ideas. It's a great way to deepen their understanding and enjoyment of the story.


Encourage your kids to make up their own stories. It could be through drawing, writing, or just telling them out loud. It's a fantastic way to spark their creativity and love for storytelling and helps children understand narrative structures and character development.

Imagination Station

Combine reading with creative activities like drawing scenes from the book or making crafts related to the story. It's a fun way to bring the stories off the pages and into their world.

6. Celebrate Achievements

6. Celebrate Achievements.jpg

Reading Rewards

Celebrate their reading milestones with little rewards. It could be as simple as a special treat, a new book, or a fun outing. It's all about making them feel proud and excited about their reading journey.

 Book Birthdays

Why not go as far as throwing a little party for a favourite book character's birthday? It's a delightful way to bring the stories to life and make reading a celebratory event.

Bookish Gifts

Surprise them with gifts related to books they love. It shows that you're paying attention to their reading interests and encourages them to keep exploring new stories.


In wrapping up, remember that every book your child reads opens up a new world for them to explore. And as they grow and their bookshelves start to overflow, WeBuyBooks is here to help you pass on the joy of reading. Selling the books they've outgrown is a great way to declutter and share these wonderful stories with other young readers. Let's keep the cycle of literary love and discovery going, one book at a time. Happy reading!

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