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Aug 17, 2023

Get Cash for Your Books, Sell to Us!

Been saving up for that new TV? Trying to get money together for holiday spending money? Or already saving up for Christmas? Let’s face it, everyone could do with a little extra cash in their back pocket – especially if they don’t have to do much to earn it! We Buy Books makes it easy to get cash for books, CDs, DVDs and Games.

We Buy Books loads you up with cash for books and takes away all your old books, CDs, DVDs and Games in a process that is so easy and stress free.

What are the best titles to get cash for books?

The amount of cash for books you’ll receive depends largely on the type of books you’re looking to sell. On the whole you’ll get more cash for books which aren’t the ‘popular’ titles. So if you have text books to sell, medical books to sell, limited edition books to sell, or 1st edition books to sell you’ll probably receive more cash than someone looking to sell books by popular authors, or other popular fiction including childrens books.

If we don’t offer you any cash for books this time please keep checking back as we update our lists regularly!

Why should I use We Buy Books?

We Buy Books is one of the only book buying websites that offer ALL payment methods – this is convenient if you need cash for books in a hurry. You can sell books and choose to recieve cash by cheque, paypal or bank transfer – whichever is best for you!

Not only this, We Buy Books has one of the lowest minimum order values – just £15 – this is ideal if you want to get cash for books, but only have a few books to sell. You can even accept a lower offer if your books don’t reach this minimum order value. Add to this our voucher codes that increase your offer by 10% (which you’ll find appearing on our Twitter and Facebook pages) and you’re on to a winner.

There you have it, We Buy Books is a great way to get cash for books you don’t need, books you’ve replaced with e-books and books you’ve already read! It’s a win – win situation, you get cash for books and you clear out space in your home!

Follow our simple process and earn cash for books now!

  • Type in the ISBN Number / Barcodes of the items you want to sell and indicate their condition (see our Item Condition Guidelines)
  • We’ll let you know how much cash for books you’ll get. If you’re happy you can accept our offer and let us know your preferred payment method.
  • Print off a postage label, box up your items (view our Packaging Guidelines) and post them for FREE!
  • Once we receive your items we’ll then pay the funds into your account based on your preferred payment method.

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