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Aug 15, 2023

Top 10 Decluttering Influencers

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Fed up with a cluttered home? Want to whip your shelves into shape? Well, we’re here for you! We have scoured Instagram and compiled a list of some of our favourite influencers, check out the list for some great tips and tricks on how you can spruce up your home!

Declutterhub - 4.379k Followers

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Follow Lesley and Ingrid to get some top tier tips on tidying techniques today. Their page is full of great tips on how to tackle the challenges of tidying and what you can do to help yourself through the process. In their profile you will also find links to their very own Declutter Hub Podcast for some even more in-depth tricks for maintaining a tidy home and a tidy mind.

Tidymeplease - 11.1k Followers

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Check out Tidymeplease for some relatable and very visually appealing tidying tips to make your home Instagram worthy! Sheila the Declutter Expert is a master of organisation, making even the cleaning cupboard a pleasure to look upon. Featuring plenty of products, offers and tutorials on how to improve your home, Tidymeplease is a must follow for all you declutter heads out there.

Blissfullyorg – 1.363k followers

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Professional organiser, need I say more? Blissfullyorg is choc-a-bloc with professional advice on how to maintain a perfectly organised life, with tips on everything from holiday planning to sustainable home planning. Packed with easy to digest tips, challenges, and things to motivate you to start the move into a more organised life.

More_organised – 6.527k Followers

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Looking for a proven professional to help you organise your home? Look no further because page founder Mel has the content for you, filled with home and lifestyle hints to inspire and get your interior design potential blossoming. Follow this page and become one of over six thousand people accompanying Mel through the day to days of her well organised streamlined lifestyle.

Declutterwithkristy – 4.005k followers

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Find inspiration for your decluttering aspirations with Kristy. Follow Decluterwithkristy to get a true insight into how your home could look with just a few hours of organisational grafting. Full of useful content from ways to store your pasta and pencils to inspirational quotes to motivate your decluttering mission.


Don’t just take our word for it, check these pages out for yourself and find the perfect page for you. And don’t worry if you can’t find the right one for you on our list, there are hundreds of other like minded pages out there for you to dive into.

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