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Oct 20, 2021

5 Books to Put On Your Christmas List

With just 4 weeks to go until Christmas Day Santa’s Elves are working tirelessly to ensure it’s a Christmas to remember for everyone. Over the past few months the literary world has experienced a tsunami of book releases, perfectly timed for the Christmas rush. But with so many books to choose from choosing the most gripping isn’t easy, which is why we’ve highlighted 5 books that should be on all literature lovers’ Christmas lists this year:

The Bone Clocks – David Mitchell
David Mitchel’s exhilarating metaphysical thriller will blow your mind! Crammed with twists and turns the story focuses on a number of super human characters, both good and bad, who return from the dead to influence and torment the Arab, Chinese and Russian races as the world’s future looks less than promising. With outstanding inventiveness the story is expressed through the life of an astonishing woman!  The Bone Clocks is a work of literary art.

TCAThe Children Act – Ian McEwan

With her marriage on the rocks, leading High Court judge Fiona Maye is called on to try an urgent case! A 17-year-old Jehova’s Witness refuses a blood transfusion that could save his life, whilst his devout parents and church share his wishes. Should secular law overrule religion? After visiting the boy in hospital, Fiona sparks new emotions and both their lives are changed forever! McEwan’s controversial story is hard hitting and will leave you with a lump in your throat long after the final chapter!

More Fool Me – Stephen Fry
If it’s something more lighthearted you’re looking for then check out More Fool Me, the third volume of Stephen Fry’s autobiography. Talking openly about his cocaine addiction in the late 80s and early 90s the comedian shines a bright light on his dark days, outlining his early struggles with fame and stardom. Old diary extracts are used to illustrate a side of the much-loved comedian that we weren’t too familiar with!

garethTProud My Autobiography -Gareth Thomas

Captain of Wales and the British Lions Gareth Thomas had it all, he was a national hero and loved by many, but one secret threatened to ruin his life. The fear of telling the truth about his sexuality and losing everyone and everything he loved almost drove him to the edge. His only escape was the beautiful game of rugby, until he finally found the courage to come out as a gay man. Deeply moving Proud My Autobiography looks back at Thomas’ life, his struggles, his regrets and how facing up to who you really are completely changed his life, a must read for all sport fanatics!

Funny Girl-  Nick Hornby
Whether you’re a Nick Hornby fan or not Funny Girl will grip you from start to finish. This lighthearted but extremely entertaining story follows the life of an inspiring actress from Blackpool who wins a beauty contest before fleeing to London in an attempt to strike it big. After some early struggles she finally lands on her feet bagging a role in a major BBC series! However it’s not all rosy, as Hornby highlights numerous cultural issues present in the 1960s, which makes for a very entertaining read! If you’re looking for an exciting, fun but not too serious book to give to a loved one or to read yourself this Christmas, then Funny Girl should be top of the list!

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