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Aug 23, 2023

Book Recommendations For Animal Lovers

With World Animal Day fast approaching, we thought we'd put together a list of our top 10 favourite wildlife and animal books. This list might not contain the animal books with the highest sales or the best reviews, but they are definitely some of our favourites - and I think it’s fair to say, we have seen a lot of books in our time! In this list, we have animal books of every kind. From books filled with stunning wildlife photography to educational children’s books and gripping stories based on actual events. Now in no particular order let's get stuck in…

National Geographic The Photo Ark: One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals

blog images-books animal lovers-Photo Ark.png

The life-long works of photographer Joel Sartore with a foreword from Harrison Ford and prose from wildlife writer Douglas Chadwick. Joel Sartore is travelling the world visiting zoos and nature rescue centres on a mission to create studio portraits of 12,000 animals, paying special attention to those species that are endangered. A vibrant and thought-provoking book that delivers a strong message.

Ocean - Hélène Druvert and Emmanuelle Grundmann

blog images-books animal lovers-Ocean.png

Ocean is a short, colourful, and educational book that is a joy for any reader. Brimming with incredible artwork and facts about the ocean - from the deep dark depths to the shallow shores. This book is beautifully accentuated by lots of pop-outs and movable tabs making it the perfect animal book for children.

Bird Therapy - Joe Harkness

blog images-books animal lovers-Bird Therapy.png

This ground-breaking book by Joe Harkness dives into the world of mental health. Speaking from experience in the subject, the author provides a first-hand report of how Bird watching had a huge impact on his wellbeing. Packed full of useful tips this book is not only a thoroughly enjoyable read but an example people can translate into their own lives.

Lost Spells - Robert Macfarlane, Jackie Morris

blog images-books animal lovers-The Lost Spells.png

Written to read aloud, this beautiful collection of ‘spells’ (poems) are all based on common animals that are unfortunately often forgotten. Illustrated with paintings that emphasise the true essence of nature, Lost Spells is a book to beckon back the care for the underappreciated natural life that surrounds us.

The Zoologist’s Guide to the Galaxy: What animals on Earth reveal about aliens and ourselves - Dr Arik Kershenbaum

blog images-books animal lovers-Zoologist's Guide.png

As we begin to look to the stars, some of us may immediately start thinking about what kind of undiscovered extra-terrestrial creatures might be out there, well, scientists have said with confidence that they think there is alien life somewhere out there. Thanks to Hollywood we all have the stereotypical image of what we think aliens should look like, but Dr Arik Kershenbaum has used everything that we know about life on our planet coupled with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to make a projection of what alien life might really look like. A fascinating read for all you curious minds out there.

Vesper Flights - Helen Macdonald

blog images-books animal lovers-Vesper Flights.png

From one of the century's greatest nature writers and the author of the award-winning ‘H is for Hawk’ comes ‘Vesper Flights’. A collection of essays that weave the natural world with the human mind and how we can make sense of it, with essays on a multitude of different facets of life from wild pigs to farming ostriches. An exquisite animal related book and definitely one to look out for.

The Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling

blog images-books animal lovers-Jungle Book.png

This all-time classic story by Rudyard Kipling depicts the story of a young boy taken in and raised by a miss match gang of animals within the remote Rainforest. A beautiful story and a joy to read for all ages.

Life on Earth – David Attenborough

blog images-books animal lovers-Life On Earth.png

This incredible book By Sir David Attenborough is a celebration of life in all its forms from the very first organic speck to the luscious vibrant world we live in today. This fantastic book takes you on a journey around the world exploring every organic facet that makes our world so unique.

The Elephant Whisperer – Lawrence Anthony

blog images-books animal lovers-Elephant Whisperer.png

A must-read for all animal lovers. The story of when Conservationist Lawrence Anthony was faced with the option of taking in a herd of potentially dangerous and unpredictable elephants or turning them away to face a worse fate. Seeing no other option, they are taken in and Lawrence soon learns just how incredible this herd is.

Rewild Your Garden: Create a Haven for Birds, Bees and Butterflies - Frances Tophill

blog images-books animal lovers-Rewild Your Garden.png

Now to bring things a little closer to home with ‘Rewild Your Garden: Create a Haven for Birds, Bees and Butterflies’ by horticulturalists Frances Tophill. This book is all about how to create and maintain a paradise for the birds and the bees that live all around us. Whether you have a large outdoor space or a simple balcony, this book can help you build the perfect haven for local wildlife.

So there are our top 10 animal books for animal lovers to enjoy. A little something for everyone, whether it be a quick flick through some awe-inspiring photographs or a heart-warming story.

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