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Dec 18, 2023

Top 5 DIY Book Lover Projects

Top 5 DIY Book Lover Projects

There’s another important day on Easter weekend this year, and it doesn’t involve chocolate or bunnies. It’s something that millions of UK residents do every day. Any guesses? 

It’s national DIY day! So we thought we’d give our fellow book lovers a few ideas, so you can get on board and create something unique.

1. Make gifts

Make gifts

If you’re a book lover or have friends who are book lovers, you could get involved in some book DIY by making gifts. We’ve seen loads of ideas on Pinterest, from book-themed necklaces to bespoke bookmarks and even a pillow in the shape of a library card!

2. Create a home library 

Create a home library

What better way to indulge your passion for reading than with a home library? And while it might sound tricky, it isn’t too tough. All you have to do is:

  • Pick a quiet spot with minimal traffic
  • Count your books and determine your location.
  • Get the correct type of shelving for your books and your style.
  • Set the tone and ambience with some lighting and seating.
  • Organise your library and enjoy your reading time!

3. Turn your favourite page of your favourite book into a piece of wall art

Turn your favourite page of your favourite book into a piece of wall art

If you’ve got a particular book you love, you could turn it into a piece of art (make sure you don’t want to reread it, though!) You could even use more than one book to create wall art that’s inspired by your favourite books and authors.

4. Make a book nook

Make a book nook

If you have time, space, and a little imagination, you could create a book nook, a little world within your bookshelf. Some people base their nooks on famous books like Harry Potter and recreate scenes from Diagon Alley. Others prefer something original and personalise their space to suit them. You’ll need materials like glue, wood, and tools to make a book nook.

How to Make a Book Nook

5. Make your own fabric dust jacket

Make your own fabric dust jacket

If you fancy getting your sewing kit out this DIY day, then you could make your own. You’ll need to gather some materials, such as sewing scissors and your favourite fabric. It’ll give your books a little bit of warmth and a lovely, homely look.

How to make a fabric dust jacket

Sell your books to fund your DIY project

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