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Aug 15, 2023

Best Ways to Make Money During the Summer Holidays


The summer holidays are a fantastic time to do more things as a family. But the added pressure of having to keep your kids entertained and busy means that you’re more likely to be looking for extra cash during half term. What better way to do that than by getting the little ones involved in a new money-making venture? Here are a couple of fun ideas to make money, that the whole family can get involved with.

Car-Boot Sale

Car-Boot Sale.jpg

Get the whole family involved and have a full, top-to-bottom clear-out. Dig out all those unused toys, records, tools, decorations, and anything else cluttering up your home and have a family trip to a local car-boot sale. It’s a fun way to get the children involved in recycling, trading, and handling sales to earn a little extra pocket money!

Sell With WeBuyBooks

Sell With WBB.jpg

Download the WeBuyBooks app on every device you have with a camera and use the summer holidays to start scanning as many books as you can get your hands on to turn them into cash! Succeed in decluttering your home and earning some cash at the same time, make it a challenge and see who can scan the most books in the time allowed. Or why not expand your book search and start sourcing your books from marketplaces, car boots and charity shops to see if you can make a profit? Download the WeBuyBooks app here.

Sell Crafts

Sell Crafts.jpg

Time to get your fingers dirty and use your summer holidays to get crafty. Build, paint, draw, write, sing… whatever your medium is, get everyone involved and turn creativity into cash! When it comes to selling your masterpieces, there are loads of ways to turn them into cash. First of all, you can use online platforms like eBay and Etsy to sell or you can simply sell them in person at different events and shows or just straight from your own home.



One of the tastiest ways to make money in the summer holidays is to hold your very own bake sale. Crank the oven up, dig out the mixing bowl and get kneading. This summer holiday is the perfect opportunity to fire up your mini bakery business.



Go digital this summer and use social media platforms like Tik Tok or Instagram to start your life as a family of influencers. Find your niche and carve out an audience for you and your content. Create a page about the ups and downs of being a parent, create videos about how to cook with the family or top tips for keeping a tidy house over the school holidays. The possibilities are endless. Eventually, you can start earning money once you get enough followers and your views skyrocket by allowing ads and getting sponsors for your content.

Dog Walking

Dog walking.jpg

Search the local neighbourhood and you’re sure to find somebody looking for someone to walk their beloved dog. This option is maybe one more suited to the older kids in the family, , or perhaps just a whole family outing. Walking dogs for some extra cash is rewarding in more than just monetary terms, it can have a positive impact on both physical and mental well-being as well.



Jump online and use any free time in the evenings to fill out a few paid surveys to earn some cash. Taking just a few minutes, this quick earning solution is an easy choice. This is another option for the older teens and parents in the house, surveys are the perfect time-filler-cash-earner.

Handy work in the community

Handy work in the community.jpg

Get the whole family involved in the local community and prospect a few quid from it. Help the locals that may struggle with a few of the more physical day-to-day tasks like shopping, cleaning or gardening.

So, whether you are looking to stay in and earn a few extra pounds online or you want to take the more hands-on approach to make money this summer holiday, there is a way for everyone.

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