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Dec 14, 2023

Best Cocktail Recipe Books

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The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and that means it’s high time to break out the cocktail shaker and get practising your technique. Of course, we all have a few go-to cocktails that we can rely on, but sometimes you might want to branch out and experiment with a few new recipes to tickle our taste buds or impress your guests. To help you discover your new tipple of choice you are going to need a cocktail recipe book and lucky for you, we have a complete guide to help you find the perfect recipe book for you.

Best Over All Cocktail Books


The Alchemist Cocktail Book: Master the dark arts of mixology

By The Alchemist

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (66).png Coming straight from the mixology masterminds behind the popular cocktail bar The Alchemist comes their bespoke collection of recipes to expand your cocktail arsenal. Crammed full of weird and wonderful cocktails, this a must have for anyone looking to add some pizzazz to their home mixology.

The Classic Cocktail Bible: Cocktails

By Spruce

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (57).png The Classic Cocktail Bible contains everything you need to become a master mixologist from the comfort of your own home. Unlock the secrets behind some of the world’s most popular cocktails from the classic margarita to the boozy Long Island Iced Tea.

The Art of Mixology: Classic Cocktails and Curious Concoctions

By Parragon Books

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (65).png If you see yourself as an artist in the world of mixology, this cocktail book could be the one for you. Develop your skills and perfect your techniques with this in-depth index of exquisite cocktails from across the globe.

Best Gin Cocktail Books


Gin: The Ultimate Companion: The Essential Guide to Flavours, Brands, Cocktails, Tonics and More

By Ian Buxton

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (59).png If you are looking for a complete guide to gin then this is the one for you. Not only does this book contain a collection of delicious gin-based cocktails but it will let you explore the world of gin-making with deep dives into a whole host of distilleries and craft gins.

Gin the Mood: 50 gin cocktail recipes that are just the ticket

By Dog 'n' Bone Books

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (68).png Sit back and let the gin to the work with this feelgood cocktail book. Filled with no less than 50 cocktail recipes, Gin the Mood is the perfect accompaniment to any gin-orientated drinks cabinet. Unlock a selection of delightful gin classics as well as some contemporary splashed to enjoy on any occasion.

The Little Book of Gin Cocktails

By Pyramid

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (72).png You can’t really go wrong with the classic gin and tonic, but don’t let your gin experience end there, dive into the multitude of gin-based possibilities with this little green book. With this essential gin guide, you can master the basics of gin and try your hand at some of the more elaborate gin-based concoctions.

Best Whiskey Cocktail Books


Whisky Cocktails: Classic and Contemporary Drinks for Every Taste

By Pyramid

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (67).png From the Manhattan to the Irish coffee, this recipe book has all the tools you need to be able to perfect all your favourite Whiskey based cocktails. Broken up into the flavour profiles, this recipe book is the perfect accessory to help you find the cocktail that is best for you.

Whiskey Cocktails: 40 Recipes for Old Fashioneds, Sours, Manhattans, Juleps and More

By Jesse Estes

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (62).png Become a connoisseur of whisky with this detailed guide on how to conjure up the best whiskey-based cocktails out there. From an Old Fashioned to a Whiskey Sour, expand your cocktail capabilities with this suave collection of recipes.

Whisky: Shake, Muddle, Stir: Over 40 of the Best Cocktails for Whisky Lovers

By Dan Jones

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (58).png If you are a fan of whiskey and looking to expand your home bar, this could be the perfect stepping stone to help you get started. Full of useful tips on how to stock, set up, and maintain your bar as well as a list of the best whiskeys to integrate into your cocktail retinue.

Best Vodka Cocktail Books


Vodka: Shake, Muddle, Stir: Over 40 of the Best Cocktails for Vodka Lovers

By Dan Jones

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (60).png Forming the foundation for some of the world's most loved cocktails, from the Bloody Mary to the Moscow Mule, vodka is an essential addition to everyone's cocktail cabinet. In this book, Dan Jones offers advice and recipes to ensure you can make the most out of your vodka.

Vodka Made Me Do It: 60 Vibrant and Versatile Vodka Cocktails

by Colleen Graham & Ruby Taylor

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (71).png Vodka has the ability to turn almost any juice, smoothie, or milkshake into a delicious cocktail. Master art of the vodka-based cocktail with a collection of 60 vibrant and versatile recipes.

Absolut. Cocktails: Absolut Vodka Drinks For Every Occasion

By Absolut Vodka

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (69).png There are few people who know vodka better than one of the best vodka producers in the world. Absolut has put its expertise to good use and developed a guide packed with 80 indulgent cocktails for any occasion.

Best Tequila Cocktail Books


Tequila Cocktails: Over 40 Tequila and Mezcal-based Drinks from Around the World

By Jesse Estes

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (56).png This is the perfect accomplice for lovers of Tequila and Mezca. Become a connoisseur of Agave-based drinks and master some of the most delicious and surprisingly sophisticated cocktails known to man with this essential recipe book.

Tequila Mockingbird (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition): Cocktails with a Literary

By Lauren Mortimer & Tim Federle

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (61).png If you are a fan of literature and alcohol, then this is the perfect book for you. Filled with sparking commentaries on some of history's most beloved novels and plenty of pun-tastic cocktail titles, Tequila Mockingbird is a top-tier recipe book that will guide you through everything cocktail related.

Mezcal and Tequila Cocktails: Mixed Drinks for the Golden Age of Agave

By Robert Simonson

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (55).png Understand how to make the most out of both Tequila and Mezcal with this insightful guide on one of the world’s most popular spirits. Delve into the flavour profiles and tasting notes of these drinks and learn how to utilise them to their fullest potential.

Best Quirky Cocktail Books


The Geeky Bartender Drinks: Real-Life Recipes for Fantasy Cocktails

By Cassandra Reeder

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (63).png This one is for the fans of everything geeky. Whether you are a fan of sci-fi, you play MMORPGs, or you simply like the occasional cult film, this book can help you infuse you’re your cocktails with some of your favourite hobbies. Some recipes from this book include Butterbeer from Harry Potter, Sulfuron Slammer from World of Warcraft, and Ardees Aka Jawa Juice from Star Wars.

Cocktails of the Movies: An Illustrated Guide to Cinematic Mixology

By Will Francis & Stacey Marsh

Copy of Top 10 Blog Template (70).png Here is your chance to experience the drinks as seen on the big screen. Try a tipple from some of your favourite films from the Manhattan drunk by Marilyn Munroe in Some Like It Hot to a white Russian from The Big Lebowski.

World Cocktail Atlas: Travel the World of Drinks Without Leaving Home - Over 230 Cocktail Recipes

By Olly Smith

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Take a tour around the world and experience some of the best cocktails from a host of different countries around the world. For example, one minute you could be whipping up a refreshingly light negroni from the coasts of Italy, and the next you could be mixing up a Tokyo Mary from Japan.

So that brings our tour do the internet’s finest cocktail recipe books to an end. We hope that you have been able to find the book that you were after. If you think we have missed anything, let us know on our Facebook page.

In the market for a new set of recipe books to spice things up in the kitchen? Why not check out one of the following titles and see if there is anything that catches your eye?

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