Textbook Buyback

Are your memories of college or university happily fading into the distance as you settle into your job? Or are you a parent, wondering how you can recoup some of the costs of your offspring’s education – while clearing out some of their junk? Try our textbook buyback service!

Either way, now is the perfect time to do a clearout and get rid of all those unwanted textbooks that are cluttering up your home. Yes, you could pile them high to create an informal coffee table. Yes, that huge one that you never really opened does make a handy doorstop. And yes, the jackets do have attractive colours and the titles make you look incredibly intelligent when displayed on your bookshelf…. but wouldn’t you rather just have a clean and clear space, plus some extra cash in your pocket?!

Try our textbook buyback service today!

Here at WeBuyBooks we… well, we buy books. And we love textbooks!

As long as they are in good condition, free from tears, grime and mug rings from that late night coffee habit, we can buy them and recycle them. What’s more, we will pay you for each one. Full details of book conditions and the terms of our textbook buyback service can be found below.

Fast and easy textbook buyback

So how does the textbook buyback service work? Well, it’s all done online for ease and will only take you a few minutes. Simply scan the ISBN number using our app, or enter it via the website, and we will tell you immediately how much we will pay for it.

The highest payments online!

Not only is our textbook buyback service efficient and easy, we also offer the best rates online! And what’s more, you won’t be left hanging around waiting for your cash either – we pay out the next day, so you can enjoy a nice boost to your bank balance in time for the weekend!

Free postage and collection

Just to make the process even easier, we also offer free postage and collection services. Simply package up your textbooks according to the guide provided, print off the label and either arrange for a free courier or drop it off at your nearest collection point. It really is as simple as that!

Your house will suddenly look clean and free from clutter – and you can feel good knowing that you have recycled your books on for another student to benefit from… while you wait to enjoy your cash boost!

Get started now

To get started with our textbook buyback service today, gather up those titles and enter the ISBN numbers for your instant quote! Did you know? There’s plenty you can sell using selling sites like ours.