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Swap Old Books

HeaderBooks can accumulate on our shelves very quickly, and they are a lovely thing to collect, with many having special meaning or memories. However, lots of them sadly are not destined to be read again once they have been put away, and will just sit taking up space and gathering dust, which is why it’s a brilliant idea to swap old books.

Perhaps your collection consists of old fiction titles that you read when you were younger, or perhaps you haven’t yet got round to finding new homes for your reference books and textbooks from your time spent studying. Children’s books often start collecting dust once the little ones have grown out of them or moved on to their new favourite tales, and sometimes books are picked up for a single use and just aren’t relevant any more. Shelves and attic space are often bursting with long forgotten titles that we just don’t know what to do with, but now you can swap old books for some much need extra cash!

Second Hand Book ShopToo Many Books, Not Enough Space

Trying to keep the house tidy and organised can feel like a never-ending job, and many of us regularly have a clear out in an attempt to keep possessions from taking over the available space in the home. Books often get neglected in the de-cluttering process, however. Traditionally there haven’t been many options for getting rid of unneeded titles apart from donating them to charity, throwing them away or taking them along to a secondhand bookshop, none of which give much return for your once loved books.

But there is another way to make space in the home and earn a bit of money to put towards new titles or other projects. Swap old books for cash with us here at We Buy Books for a straightforward solution to your bursting bookshelf problems.

AppOur Service

At We Buy Books we specialise in offering a straightforward and hassle free service for you to swap old books for cash. Simply use our online ISBN checker or scan bar codes with our purpose designed app to get a quote on your titles, then print out a postage label at no cost to you, package your books securely and send to us. We’ll aim to pay you within 5 working days.

We offer a choice of payment methods including bank transfer, cheque and PayPal, so you can select what works best for you to be able to put the money you make to good use. It really couldn’t be easier to make some money from your unwanted books and allow them to be sold on to someone else to be enjoyed once again.

Making Space and Making Money

The benefits of using We Buy Books to clear out your old books are numerous. The service is quick and convenient to use, and rather than going into a landfill or recycling plant, your books will be sold on to someone who will really appreciate them. At the same time you’ll be making some extra cash, freeing up space in the home as well as in the budget.

So if you’re looking to swap old books and make some fast cash then what are you waiting for? For more information feel free to get in touch! Call us now on 01706 248281 or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook, we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

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