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Shift unwanted books the eco-friendly way!

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Living a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle is something that is becoming more and more important to many of us. People are becoming increasingly aware of how much of an impact consumerism has, and the popularity of minimalism is on the rise. This means that many of us are facing a big clear out of unwanted and unneeded stuff, including used books.

You may think that sorting through and getting rid of a large collection of unwanted books is a mammoth task, but here at WeBuyBooks we have made it super simple to give your used books a new lease of life… and make some extra cash in the process!

Cut down your book collection the easy way

Books never ever belong in the bin – even if you have colossal collection to shift, we can help here at WeBuyBooks. We make it quick and easy to exchange used books for cash. Simply download our handy app and use your phone camera as an ISBN scanner to get valuations for your unwanted books in an instant. And don’t worry about spending your savings on postage or lugging all your books to the post office, as we cover postage costs and will arrange for a courier to collect your items if you have lots to sell.

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Be friendly to the environment and to your wallet!

By selling your books to us, you breathe new life into them by letting them be enjoyed by a new owner. This helps the environment because we’re not wasting resources and throwing perfectly good items away unnecessarily. And if it’s deemed that your books are not in a sellable condition when we check them at WeBuyBooks HQ, you can rest assured that they won’t end up in landfill, we always recycle them responsibly.

Once you have done your initial big clear out, you will have curated your book collection to include only the titles you really want, have some extra cash in your back pocket, and you will have been kind to the environment, it’s a win-win all round!