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Selling CDs

Calling all hoarders of 90’S CD relics, did you know you by selling CDs to We Buy Books you can declutter and make some extra money in the process?

It’s no secret, clutter isn’t good for the soul – a messy house is a messy mind so what better way to soothe your soul than by selling CDs to We Buy Books? If you need speed and ease then look no further, our site is so easy to use and provides you with an instant quote.

Maybe you’re looking to go ‘digital’ and transfer all your music onto your iPod or iPhone? Maybe you’ve gone off a band or your phase of loving death metal has long since passed? Whatever the reason it makes sense to start selling CDs and making some fast cash in the process.

Let’s not forget we are talking about selling CDs here; things left on shelves doing nothing but gathering dust.  Why not make yourself good money by sending them to us?  It’s basically free money for doing very little as all you need to do is head over to our website, type in the barcode and we will give you an immediate valuation, so you will no straight away how much your CDs are worth.  We will provide you with a free pre-paid postage label which you attach to your books and send to us; once we have received them we’ll pay the funds into your account…simples!

If you you’re considering selling CDs that you may not want and could do with some extra cash, send them to us here at We Buy Books and simply wait for the money to roll in.