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Sell Used Text Books

Welcome to, a new service designed to help you sell used text books that you no longer need and earn some fast cash.

Ah, the good old textbook.  We’ve all had them over the years and most, if not all of us when we are done with them usually dispose of them the same way…by not disposing of them at all but instead putting them in cardboard boxes and storing them in the attic.  You might say it’s the old adage of, ‘out of sight, out of mind’, but at We Buy Books we say, ‘hogwash’ to that!  As textbooks are some of the most valuable books there are and we are ready and willing to buy them from you it’s more like, ‘out of sight, out of pocket’.

That’s right, instead of hiding them away where all they do is take up valuable space why not sell your used text books to We Buy Books, where we’ll give you the best price possible for them and make sure they go to a good home to boot.  If it sounds like money for old rope that’s because it is, (although to be completely accurate it’s money for old text books but the principle is just the same).

Admittedly it’s a pretty simple principle really but the best things usually are. We’re prepared to give you top dollar in exchange for your used text books, meaning you get some much needed extra cash with the added benefit of de-cluttering the house. The process is quick, simple and convenient because you can find out instantly how much money we’re prepared to give you for each text book. All you need to do is type out the ISBN number on the We Buy Books site and we’ll let you know how much cash you’ll get. If you like what you see, (as most people do) then simply send us your used text books and the money is yours.

Sell Used Text Books

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You’d be surprised how many people keep hold of text books even though they are no longer needed.  You might be sitting on a little goldmine without realising so get out of your seat and start looking…what have you got to lose? Sell used text books at….