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Sell Used Games, Books, CDs and DVDs at We Buy Books. The Simple and Hassle Free way to make some extra cash.

We Buy Books, as well as purchasing the books you no longer need, can now also buy all your unwanted or used video games! We will give you a great offer on all of your PlayStation, Xbox or Wii games. You’ll have a bit more money in your pocket to buy…well, more games if you wish or whatever else that takes your fancy.

Get rid of the games you don’t want

Just think of it; some of you will have a plethora of games that you no longer play. Get rid of the games that are doing nothing but gathering dust. Why not make yourself a little extra money by selling your old games to the team at We Buy Books? It’s a ridiculously easy process. Simply send us any of your unwanted games and we’ll give you the best price possible for them. If you’re happy with the price, we’ll go ahead and send you the money. Trade in games for cash at WeBuyBooks! It doesn’t make much time but it can make you a decent chunk of money.

It’s simple – just how it should be!

Make some more money, honey! We like to make the process easy. You pay your way. We are one of the only sites to offer all payment methods to customers. Pretty cool, huh? So if you sell stuff to We Buy Books you can be paid via cheque, PayPal or by bank transfer. This is ideal for anyone wanting to make fast money. Plus, we should mention that we love more than just games. We’ll buy your unwanted books, DVDs and CDs too.

Scan your way to a bigger bank balance with our mobile app. Our app makes it even easier to sell stuff online and will list the stuff you don’t want in seconds. More dosh at the touch of a button, what’s not to love about that? Scan the barcodes and find out how much your old games are worth – it’s quick, easy and effortless.

Get ready, get steady, get selling!

Type in the barcode number which is usually found on the back cover of your item. We’ll value your items and give you an offer, pronto! If you give us the thumbs up for the price we offer then you can send your stuff to us. We’ll even send a pre-paid postage label, so it won’t cost you a penny. Once we get our hands on your stuff, we’ll give you cash. Plus, we should mention

We also, via our twitter and facebook pages, give out voucher codes that entitle you to 10% more on whatever price you have been offered.  It is the little things like this, along with our low minimum order value of £15 that makes We Buy Books the number 1 place to sell your used games.

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Believe us, we aren’t culture snobs at We Buy Books…far from it.  After all, who else do you know who values the most beautiful prose and poems ever written equally as much as shooting aliens in the face with a massive gun or building a village out of pixelated bricks?  Nobody, that’s who.  The bottom line is at We Buy Books we’ll give you the best price possible for all your used games, (providing they are still in good working order; you probably won’t get as much for any discs in poor condition) giving you some much needed extra cash for doing relatively little.

They call that easy money!

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