Sell Used DVDs

Do you fancy making some quick and easy cash from your old clutter? Using We Buy Books, you can sell used DVDs that you no longer need from the comfort of your home!

Perhaps you’re moving out, want to start a new chapter in your life or simply fancy a tidy up, whatever the reason behind selling your used DVDs our website has been designed to make the process a whole lot easier, ooh and it’s completely FREE!

Simple Process

Simply type in the barcode of your used DVDs or use our mobile app to scan each barcode and you’ll instantly receive a price, simple! Once you’re happy with your offer, pop all your used DVDs into a box and using our FREE pre-paid postage label post your items to us. See, how easy is that?

Next Day Payments

Once we have received your used DVDs and verified them we aim to pay your funds the day after we receive your items!!

Payments to Suit Your Needs

We are always looking to make things easier for our users, which is why we allow you to choose one of three methods to receive your funds (Bank Transfer, cheque or PayPal).

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

How many times do you watch a DVD, stick it on the shelf and never touch it again? We are all guilty of it, especially with advances in technology and online streaming services. So why not tidy up your house and make some extra cash in the process with us here at We Buy Books!

It’s simple, hassle free and it doesn’t cost a penny! So what are you waiting for?


10% Extra on your first trade!