Sell second hand CDs

At We Buy Books we don’t just want your old books…we want CDs! Have a really good look for any CDs you might want to sell, the chances are you’ll get a very good price for them if you decide to sell second hand CDs to us.

One of simplest and most convenient places to sell second hand CDs is at We Buy Books, where the process is quick, simple and you get an immediate value.  All you need to do is type out the barcode numberand we’ll immediately give you the best price possible.  Should you choose to accept our offer, simply send us your CDs and we’ll get the money to you quick smart.

You could always try selling on ebay but there you have the seller fees from ebay & paypal to pay. You could try a car boot sale, but, speaking from experience, unless you are happy with selling them a 5 – 10p each and more than likely, bringing most of them back home with you, I wouldn’t bother.

If you are just happy to recycle then you could try making a range of CD mobiles to hang around the house (a Blue Peter special) if not, then you may as well sell second hand CDs to us here and make some easy cash at the same time as doing your bit for the environment.

You’d be surprised just how many CDs you have lying about the house, taking up some much needed space. Well now’s the chance to make some good money by getting yourself on the We Buy Books website and seeing what your second hand CD’s are worth. Once we’ve given you a valuation that you’re pleased with, simply send the CDs to us and once we’ve received them you’ll get your money.

Just follow 4 easy steps above – It takes just seconds to sell second hand CDs for cash at

Now the usual rules apply here, that being that if you want to sell second hand CDs that have been well looked after, you’ll get a better price for them than you would if they look like they’ve been used as a coaster so make sure that once you’ve dusted them down, they look the part.

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