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Sell second hand CDs

Although at WeBuyBooks it goes without saying that we specialise in buying, well… books, we also buy unwanted CDs! In the digital age, CDs are becoming more and more redundant, so don’t let them clutter up your shelves, sell them, along with your used books, to us! 

Quick & simple process

One of simplest and most convenient places to sell second hand CDs and books is at WeBuyBooks, where the process is quick, easy and gives you an instant valuation.  All you need to do is scan the barcode number of your CDs and ISBN of your books using our mobile app, and we’ll immediately give you the best price possible.  Should you choose to accept our offer, simply send us your items and we’ll get the money to you fast! You could always try selling on auction sites, but there you have the seller fees to pay, whereas selling to us won’t cost you a penny. Plus, as we give you immediate valuations for your unwanted books and CDs, you’ll never be in the dark about the final amount your items will fetch.

Exchange your items for cash the green way!

Not only is the WeBuyBooks system a convenient way to sell your used CDs and books, it’s also a green way to exchange your stuff for cash. Our priority is passing your items onto new homes where they can be reused – this reduces the need for new books and CDs to be manufactured, therefore helping to cut down on CO2 emissions. If this isn’t possible however, we always recycle your items responsibly.

Hassle-free, four step system

You’d be surprised just how many unwanted CDs and books you have lying about the house, taking up some much needed space. Well now’s the chance to make some good money by downloading our app and seeing what your second hand books and CDs are worth. Once we’ve given you a valuation that you’re pleased with, simply send your items to us and once we’ve received and checked them, you’ll get your money. Just follow four easy steps, scan, value, send, get paid – it takes just seconds to sell second hand CDs and books for cash at

Does the condition of my used CDs & books matter?

Now the usual rules apply here, that being that if you want to sell used items that have been well looked after, you’ll get a better price for them than you would if they look like they’ve been used as a coaster, so make sure that once you’ve dusted them down, they look the part!

Check out our Item Condition Guidelines, and then start exchanging your unwanted stuff for cash!