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Sell Playstation Games

Sell your Playstation 3 Games for CashSell Playstation Games, Books, CD’s and DVD’s at We Buy Books – The Simple and Hassle Free way to make some extra cash

Attention all gamers!  Did you know that as well as receiving much needed cash by sending your old or unwanted books to the good folk at We Buy Books, there is now another avenue in which you can make some serious money and it couldn’t be simpler…sell PS games!  That’s right, just by sending in any Playstation games that you may not want, (or as is more commonly the case have played to death) we will give you the best price possible, enabling you to have a little extra coin in your pocket to do with as you please.

Whether you’ve received a game that you didn’t want as a present, you have a stack of games that you have long since completed or you’ve just got fed up of being stuck on the same level for three solid months, (we’ve all been there) you now no longer need to have them laying around the house as an awful reminder.  Instead you can cash in and sell your PS games to We Buy Books, killing two (angry) birds with one stone, (if only the games themselves were that easy).

The process itself is ridiculously easy.  All you need to do is cobble together all the Playstation games you want to sell, (which is itself by far the most time consuming part of the process), head over to the We Buy Books website and type the barcode number into the space provided.  We will then give you an immediate price for those games and if you like what we offer, (most people do…we’re very generous) then simply send the games to us and we’ll immediately forward you the money.

It takes no time at all and you receive top whack for the minimum of fuss.  When all is said and done  to sell Playstation games to We Buy Books is far easier, not to mention more financially beneficial than selling your games on eBay, at a car boot sale or any other method for that matter.  So get your skates on and make yourself some New Year money, sell games to We Buy Books.

N.B. We always endeavour to give you the very best price on all your Playstation games but please make sure that they are in good condition.  If they have been used as Frisbees, coasters or anything else for that matter that isn’t gaming, the chances are they will be damaged and you will not get the price you were looking for.

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