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Sell old CDs

It’s amazing how CDs seem to take over your home, overflow your shelves, and get in the way when you’re busy. Of course, lots of them are precious, your all-time favourites, a classic, or a special memory. But then there are those “others”. At WeBuyBooks, you can easily sell old CDs in exchange for much-loved cash.

So, if you…

• Have some musical choices you now wish you’d never made

• Know you have a few duplicates in your collection

• Can’t believe some of the CDs you’ve been given

• Are running out of space and need to quickly offload

• Keep a few past favourites that you know you’ll never listen to again

• Are downsizing and need to reduce the enormity of your CD horde

• Just want to raise some quick cash

…we’re here, on our starting blocks, always eager and ready to help. Within just three working days of us receiving your (post free) package, your cash will be on its way to you.

Our oh-so-simple selling process

Okay to sell old CDs– pick up a CD you’d like to sell. On the back, you’ll find an ISBN number (usually at the foot but we’ll show you an example). Enter that number (without any spaces) and then hit the green “click to get value” button. Our enormous computer’s astounding brain will quickly recognise the title and send you an offer. To accept it, simply save it to your basket. If you want, you can reject our offer (we’ll still like you) and it’s instantly removed.

Then repeat the process for each of the CDs you wish to be parted from. Once they are all in your basket, you can simply print out our free postage label and pop the package in the mail. As soon as it arrives at our CD storehouse, we’ll process your payment. Within three working days, your cash can be transferred to your bank, added to your PayPal account, or our lovely crisp cheque will be in the post!

So post that package!

Whether your musical tastes have changed from Manilow to Manic Street Preachers, Bach to Bjork, or trad jazz to Timberlake – there’s quick money to be made on those CDs you simply don’t need to keep any more. WeBuyBooks can instantly turn any duplicate copies or dubious taste CDs into a welcoming wad of useful extra cash to buy anything you really do want. So, set your money-generating fingers to work right now…