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Sell CDs for Cash

Attention all music boffins! Did you realise that as well as receiving cash for your old books, DVDs and games there is now another way in which you can make yourself some serious money? Quite frankly, it couldn’t be easier… sell CDs for cash!

Yes you read that correctly, simply by sending in any CDs you don’t want (or as more often the case already transferred onto your iPod or iPhone) you can make money. When you sell CDs for cash we will give you the best possible price – meaning you’ve got a little extra in your back pocket to do with as you please.

We’ve all been there, that awkward moment when your grandma gives you the complete back catalogue of Cliff Richard albums and you have to pretend you’re over the moon, when secretly you’re thinking about the easiest way to get rid of it. Well think no longer, you can sell CDs for cash right here at We Buy Books.

The process itself is ridiculousy easy, all you need to do is gather up all your old CDs you want to sell for cash and head over to We Buy Books (Make sure you check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for any voucher codes). Type in the barcodes and hey presto we’ll give you an instant offer, and if you’re happy (which most people are – we’re rather quite generous!) then simply send the CDs to us! It’s so easy to Sell CDs for cash here at We Buy Books!

We have the fastest turnaround out there so in time at all you’ll receive top dollar for the minimum of fuss. When all is said and done you’ll find it alot easier to sell CDs for cash to We Buy Books, rather than selling them on eBay or at a car boot sale. So get a wiggle on and make yourself some money for your summer holidays and sell CDs for cash!

N.B. We always endeavour to give you the very best price on all your CDs but please make sure that they are in good condition.  If they have been used as Frisbees, coasters or anything else for that matter, the chances are they will be damaged and you will not get the price you were looking for.