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Sell Blu-rays For Cash

More and more people are looking to sell blu-rays for cash and here at We Buy Books we provide a simple service for anyone looking to cash in on their old and unwanted blu-rays.

A quick rummage around your home and I’m sure you’ll come across a selection of blu-rays which you’ll never watch again! Luckily We Buy Books offers excellent rates for anyone looking to sell blu-rays for cash and it couldn’t be any easier…

Sell blu-rays for cash in 4 simple steps…

After searching high and low for any unwanted blu-rays it’s time to make some cash. Simply head over to our selling basket and sell your unwanted blu-rays in 4 simple steps…



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What are the best blu-rays to sell for cash?

While we’d love to buy every blu-ray out there, the reality is we can’t. Therefore to avoid wasting time give the We Buy Books Hot List a quick read!

The We Buy Books Guru Guide to selling blu-rays for cash

Wondering how to get more bang for your unwanted blu-rays? Give the We Buy Books Guru Guide a read and discover loads of useful tips and information.

Blu-ray condition guidelines

To get more cash for your unwanted blu-rays avoid the following defects:

  • Not Aloud Missing or wrong discs
  • Not Aloud Copied or Pirated discs
  • Not Aloud Discs without all of the original packaging, artwork or instructions
  • Not Aloud Discs with cracks, deep scratches or that are misshapen

For a full list of defects to avoid check out our condition guidelines.

WeBuyBooks Mobile App

Sell blu-rays for cash quicker with our mobile app

Thanks to our new mobile mobile app it’s even easier to sell blu-rays for cash. Turning your smartphone into a handy scanning device you’ll be able to sell blu-rays, books, CDs, DVDs and video games in a matter of seconds.

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For more information on how to sell blu-rays for cash give us a call on 01706 248281.