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Places to sell things online

Now, there are a quite a few places to sell things online, obviously it depends on what you want to sell. Amazon and eBay are the two biggies and then you are selling things individually, to many people, with many parcels, and not to mention seller’s fees. Then there’s Facebook for selling things to friends, and friends of friends. And there are your specialised websites for selling certain items. That’s where we come in.

We Buy Books is one of the places to sell things online like books, games, CD’s and DVD’s. We are not the only site like this but we think we give customers a fairer deal on these items.

Higher prices paid.

Go ahead, give us a go. Type in the ISBN or barcode of the items you want to sell on our selling basket and compare us to other sites.We know that you want a fair price and this is exactly what we offer to our customers. You can rest assured that when you sell us your items, you will get the highest and fairest price possible.

Next day payments.

We all need that extra bit of money and usually need it in a hurry. Some sites leave you waiting weeks to get your money. With us, you get your money the next working day after we’ve received your items!

Free postage or collection.

To make the most of the higher pay outs you could do without having to pay postage costs. By offering free postage and collection, we are one of the best places to sell things online. When you sell your items to us you get to keep all of your money without worrying about any hidden costs.

Give us a go. If you don’t like what we offer you don’t have to accept it, so you’ve got nothing to lose. If you feel we are offering you a fair price, you may want to save your selling basket for later while you go and dig some more items out of the loft or shed. Either way, just follow the 4 simple steps above to quickly and easily sell your items now!

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