List Textbooks for Sale

Buying brand new textbooks is an exciting right of passage for most new students, but the novelty quickly wears off when you have to fork out for expensive books every couple of months. To compensate, you could try and list textbooks for sale on an online auction site, but aside from the various fees, you will also have to fork out for expensive and ever-changing postage costs, not to mention having to lug your stuff to the post office yourself.

Hassle-free online selling

Thankfully, WeBuyBooks offers a hassle-free way to sell your used textbooks that won’t cost you oodles of valuable time, or a pretty penny! Once you have gathered all of the books that you want to sell, you can enter each barcode number or ISBN into the selling basket at You will then see the exact amount offered for each book, and this is the price that you will actually receive – provided that the books comply with our Item Condition Guidelines. What’s more, we eliminate postage costs by providing you with a pre-paid postage label – and you won’t need to queue up at your nearest post office to send the package to us, as we send you a label that you can print yourself at home.

Speedy payments! 

Once we receive your package at our warehouse, we inspect the books and then make a payment to you within three working days, wherever possible. We are confident that when you list textbooks for sale with us, you will return again and again to get a fair price for your ever-changing textbooks. If you have multiple titles to sell, WeBuyBooks makes it extremely easy to enter them all into our website in bulk, and we also offer rewards for frequent booksellers.

If you’re wondering, “Where can I sell used books?” – look no further than WeBuyBooks!