Oct 20, 2021

What to do with unwanted xmas gifts

Sell your Unwanted Xmas Gifts

Picture the scene. It’s Christmas morning and everyone is gathered around the tree handing the presents out. You’ve desperately been wanting the latest Xbox game or your favourite band’s new release for ages and the tension is palpable. When you finally get your hands on it and hurriedly unwrap it like a…well a kid at Christmas, (bad analogy), your eyes gaze down at a biography of someone you’ve never heard of or a dvd of some d-list celebrity laughing like an idiot over a compilation of football gaffes.

Obviously that is not meant as a slight on awful biographies or football compilations, what I am trying to get at is that over time we all receive xmas gifts that we either don’t want or don’t like but we smile politely, take them home and throw them somewhere where we never have to see them again. Well here’s the thing; instead of throwing them away, why not salvage the situation by selling them to We Buy Books?

We are here to help you discard all your old and unwanted xmas gifts such as, books, cds, games and dvds, creating some much needed space around the house and making yourself a good bit of money in the process; money that you can put towards getting the dvd or game you wanted in the first place.

In what is the best “win” “win” situation since…sliced bread, (I know that doesn’t work but you know what I’m getting at) you get rid of the thing you don’t want, it takes literally minutes to do and you get the best price possible for your unwanted xmas gift.

As I mentioned above, the process itself is quick and simple. All you need to do is head over to our website, type in the relevant bar code number and we’ll give you the price immediately. If you’re happy with what we’ve offered you then simply send your unwanted xmas gifts to us and await your payment.

Of course the price you get ultimately depends on the condition of the item itself, which means that if you made a scene over Christmas by throwing a huge strop and repeatedly stamping on the pile of unwanted xmas gifts in question, the chances are you won’t get top whack for it. You need to make sure the item is in halfway decent condition before you send it and then just sit back and wait for the money to arrive. It’s a Christmas miracle!

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