Oct 20, 2021

Ingenious ways to make (and save!) money in 2014

Ingenious ways to make (and save!) money

A new year makes a lot of people think about making a new start, and the post-Christmas hangover may lead to a lot of households looking at new ways of making and saving some extra cash. While these individual hints and tips may not be a real substitute for full-time work, they offer a way to add a little and save a little here and there. It may be an old-fashioned way of thinking, but little savings really do add up.

It all adds up…

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If you are reading this at home and wondering where you can start in your quest for a financially healthy 2014, the good news is that you are probably already surrounded by your first plan of action. Most people want to keep their homes as clutter-free as possible, while also making a little bit of extra money on the side. If you have a number of books, DVDs, games and CDs that you simply do not use any more, you could enter the bar code details into our website and get a trade-in price for your unwanted media items. Postage is free when using this service, meaning that the cash isn’t reduced by auction fees and shipping costs. It doesn’t matter if your items are not in brand-new condition, and the quality guidelines are made perfectly clear.

Pink traditional piggy bank decorated with yellow flowersApart from the extra cash, you will also be able to enjoy a slightly de-cluttered living room or bedroom. Kids can also benefit from this type of service, as you can encourage them to get into a saving habit by helping them to trade-in the items that they don’t use any more – they can put the money towards something special!

There are also other ways to make and save money that don’t involve having an early Spring Clean, and most of these don’t involve an awful lot of effort. You will probably need to renew a number of household services over the course of the year, and many of these can be price-checked through dedicated comparison websites. For insurance products in particular, there are only a handful of providers that do not use these comparison engines, and you only need to enter your personal details once before getting a range of quotes. You don’t even need to do a lot of research to locate them, as TV commercial breaks seem to be loaded with singing and dancing characters – all trying to draw you in to their comparison sites.

If you fancy doing something a little bit different to save money (or even to raise money for charity), you could get involved in the celebrity craze of ‘swishing’ – this involves hosting a party where guests can swap household items for other ones that they really need. These events can be a great social occasion to get to know your neighbours, and it really helps to emphasise the old saying that ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.’ You never know what you may find, and how much you could potentially save on an essential item.

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