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Oct 20, 2021

A guide to selling your stuff

A Guide to Selling your Stuff

We are all getting better at recycling these days, and with so many ways to pass on something we no longer want, there are often financial benefits to selling your old stuff. Books can take up a lot of valuable storage space, so they are an ideal item to sell on, particularly if you have text books for courses you have finished. So how do you choose the best way to get rid of them?

Boxes of booksCar boot sales

Car boot sales are a good way to sell stuff, but you need to be aware that they involve a lot of work. You need to be up with the lark to secure the best pitch, and bear in mind that what doesn’t sell will be coming home again with you, so you may have to bring it all back, too. Buyers can be extremely crafty, from driving a hard bargain so you sell for less than the item is worth, to actually taking things while your attention is elsewhere, so you really need your wits about you to do well at car boot sales. Check cash carefully, as fake notes and coins often turn up at car boot sales, and be very wary of accepting cheques, even with a guarantee card.

EbayOnline Marketplaces

eBay has revolutionised the second-hand market and is another way to sell your used books. If you are new to the site, however, you may struggle to find a buyer. The site works with a system of feedback stars; every time you make a transaction, both buyer and seller leave feedback for each other. Unfortunately, if you are a seller without much feedback, potential buyers may be put off your wares. You could use eBay to make several purchases, thereby building up some feedback, but didn’t you want to make money rather than spend it? Another downside is the auction format. You need to start with a low initial price so people are tempted by it, but be aware that it may not rise much, so you may end up selling for far less than the book is worth. You also need to factor in the postage costs so you are not left out of pocket.

Amazon has a similar marketplace to eBay. You advertise your books on their site and hope to tempt people to buy from you. Your biggest problem here is the plethora of competition. Your book may be listed along with many others copies, so to get people to buy, you need to offer them something special. Usually, this is price, so it is not uncommon to see expensive books listed for only 1p.

We Buy Books

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