Jul 06, 2022

Sell rare books

Sell your Rare Books

At We Buy Books we pride ourselves in paying the very best prices for your old/unwanted books, CDs and video games, as well as the simplicity of our service; from the initial valuation to the delivery of your money. We are well aware that however much this money comes in handy for all our customers, it’s not likely that you will be able to give up the day job from doing this alone. For anyone looking to really cash in, there is a way you can make even more money and that is to sell rare books.

We are always very interested in any rare books you might be looking to sell. In fact our ears prick up ever so slightly whenever we are offered anything that could be of real value. This is more than reciprocated by the customer when we tell them how much money we are willing to give them for any such item. Again, it’s not the kind of money where you can sell the house and move abroad with but you would be astonished by just how much you’re offered if you sell rare books to We Buy Books.

Rare of First EditionsBut what do we mean by rare books? Well in the literal sense, (pardon the pun) we’re talking about any book that you might think is difficult to track down, a book that may no longer be in print or first editions of books in any genre. They could be books that you have stumbled upon years ago and no longer want; alternatively it may be something handed down to you by a relative that you have no further use for.

Let’s not forget we are talking about books here; things left on shelves doing nothing but gathering dust or being occasionally looked at or skimmed through by visitors. Why not make yourself good money, sell rare books and send them to us? It’s basically free money for doing very little as all you need to do is head over to our website, type in the ISBN number and we will give you an immediate valuation, so you will know straight away how much your books are worth. We will provide you with a free pre-paid postage label which you attach to your books and send to us; once we have received them we’ll pay the funds into your account…simples!

If you think you may have some rare, first editions of books that you may not want and could do with some extra cash, sell rare books to We Buy Books – send them to us here and simply wait for the money to roll in.

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