Nov 01, 2021

Why we’re the best place to sell your used textbooks…

Why we're the best place to sell your used textbooks...


Studying can be an expensive time for many. There are numerous books that you have to buy and they can all add up to a significant cost. Once you’ve passed your exams, those books can often be left lying around for many years…


Pass on the knowledge

If those books are lying around, they aren’t going to be benefitting anyone. It’s a much better idea to pass on the knowledge that you’ve learned onto the next generation. This is especially important for those who struggle to afford new textbooks.

With WeBuyBooks you’re going to be able to get some extra cash while knowing that your old books will be going on to help someone else. It’s a win for you and it’s a win for whoever reads your book next time around.


Free post and collection


Free post and collection

Some may think that it’s too much of a hassle to sell your books and so never bother. We make it as simple as possible and take away any of the stress… One of the ways we do this is with free post and collection so you don’t have to worry about paying large fees or lugging your heavy textbooks to the post office.


Next day payments

Many companies can leave you waiting for your money when you pass an item over to them. With us, next day payments are available once we’ve checked your items. It allows you to get your cash quickly so you can put it towards new books on your to-buy list!


Getting a great price


Getting a great price

We have spent over £3m buying back old books, which goes to show the great prices that we can offer. You’ll get a better price if your book are in good condition… so inspect your books carefully and check out our Item Condition Guidelines.


Hassle free

Whether it is a car, a laptop or an old book, selling privately can be stressful and frustrating. But WeBuyBooks are able to remove that stress with our streamlined service. You don’t have to waste time with private buyers who might not be interested; instead, you can get your cash quickly and without any hiccups.


A trusted source

We have been used by countless students to exchange their old textbooks. We’re specialists when it comes to buying used books… and all you need to start selling is either the barcode, ISBN number or textbook name. If you want to sell your old textbooks, head to our selling basket today to start exchanging them for cash! 

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