Oct 20, 2021

The Great Book Format Debate

The Great Book Format Debate


If, like me, you’re a bit of a bookworm then you won’t have to cast your eyes too far to see a stack of books that you’re planning on reading in the coming weeks or a book case brimming with books you’ve recently completed. To others it’s clutter to you and I it’s a sense of achievement, a trophy cabinet showcasing your recent literature accomplishments, heaven!

What format do you prefer?


Book Trophy Cabinet

But, as we all know technology is advancing at an alarming rate and with it the EBook is growing in popularity! So is this the beginning of the end for printed books? We hope not!


Digital BookEBooks Create More Space

Unlike printed books an EBook takes up little if not no room at all. Therefore you can read and own as many books as you want without having to worry about storage space or creating more clutter, perfect for those with limited space!


Book IconBut Printed Books Are Collectable

Although printed books take up more room, if you’re a true bookworm you’ll take great pride in showing off your huge collection of books. Usually arranged in alphabetical order or genre specific a collection of books can provide fantastic talking points. Whether it’s with friends or family you can swap the books you love, sharing your thoughts with each other over a nice hot cup of tea, perfect. The more books you have the better!


Book Smell 2


That Bookish Smell

As humans we are creatures of habit and we love tradition, which is why we love books. Packed with tradition and history an old book, sorry for this, can tell its own story unlike an EBook. And the smell old books give off is something else. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m on about, because we’re all guilty of sticking our noses in between the pages and taking in a deep breath. Do EBooks give off the same smell? They’re advanced, but they aren’t that advanced!


Books Have Physical Beauty and Presence


Books Have Physical Beauty and Presence

No matter how far technology advances an EBook will never be able to replace the physical beauty and feel that a print book provides. This isn’t to say that EBooks don’t look attractive, but let’s be honest the front of an EBook doesn’t grip you in the same way that a printed book will grasp your imagination with its beautiful design and illustrations.

And let’s not forget that feeling you get when you run the pages in between your fingers, it’s a feeling like no other. A feeling that even the most technologically advanced EBooks can’t replicate. There’s also a sense of fulfillment and justification when you spend your hard earned money on a book.

Seeing and feeling something physical is extremely desirable among most book lovers, and again this feeling is hard to replicate with an EBook.

And then there’s the individual things people do with their books, folding the corners, writing on the pages and scribbling down notes simple things that can’t be done on a state of the art EBook.


Stay Cosy


Buy Your Reading Material at Home

If your book supply is running dry and you’re looking for something new to read the likelihood is you’ll have to endure the cold weather and a short journey into town to your local bookstore. But with an EBook this is a thing of the past. There’s no need to get ready and there’s no need to nip into town, because you can search for and purchase new books from the comfort of your living room! EBooks come equipped with a large library of books ready for you to search and purchase.




Travel With an EBook

Whether you’re travelling abroad or on your daily commute, reading is the perfect activity to help pass time, and as we all know attempting to read a book, turn the pages and stay in a comfortable position is no easy task. Especially when you’re packed onto the tube or bus like sardines. But with an EBook this process is made ten times easier. It’s more convenient to hold, you don’t have to awkwardly turn the pages and it takes up less room in your bag! Perfect if you’re going on holiday or constantly on the go!





Despite the pros and cons for each I think it is fair to say we still live in a world that can benefit from both EBooks and printed books, and ultimately it all boils down to each individual’s personal preference. Because let’s be honest what’s written is the most important thing, and that stays the same no matter which format you opt for, but if I’m being honest and I’m sure many will agree, long live printed books!


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