Oct 20, 2021

Sell Books the Easy Way!

Damaged books If there’s one thing we hate at We Buy Books, it’s receiving your books and finding that they are in such poor condition that we can’t pay you the amount we’d like. It often happens that we give you a price for selling your books and when we receive them they look…well, let’s just say less than brilliant.

With that in mind we’re going to start helping you get the best price for selling books by giving you regular tips on how to turn a shabby looking book into one that makes you the most money possible. Prevention is always better than cure, so of course the best way of doing this is by making sure you keep your books to sell in a place that won’t do them too much damage to start with. To help you out with this here is a quick list of places not to store your books; in a bin, a vat of acid, the oven, in a bigger bin or a sauna/steam room.

If you have stored your books to sell in one or more of these places the chances are they may be beyond repair and worth very little. It sounds obvious I know but if we eliminate those then maintaining your books to a high standard is easily achievable.

Talcum Powder being used to repair damaged booksThe first tip involves removing the mould that can accrue if your books to sell have been stored in a less than ideal environment, (not including those places listed above). Believe it or not baby powder is the ideal thing for the removal of mould from your books to sell. If you have children then you may already have some baby powder in the house. If you don’t, we recommend buying some rather than going down the lengthier road of actually having a baby and then buying the baby powder, which let’s be honest is a lot harder work and will cost you more money in the long run.

So, baby powder. First thing’s first, let your books thoroughly air dry. Once that is done lightly sprinkle the baby powder between the pages of your books to sell and leave it standing upright for a period of a few hours, (at this point you might like to grab a cup of tea and a biscuit). When a few hours have elapsed, gently brush out the powder and hey presto, (always wanted to say that) your book will be in far better shape!

Its little things like this that will keep your books to sell in tip top condition, meaning when you sell us your books we can give you exactly the amount of money you were offered for them. Keep your eyes peeled for further tips on how make top dollar for selling books at We Buy Books.

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