Oct 20, 2021

Conquer your clutter!

Take a look at your shelves. Are they stacked with books, family heirlooms, audio CDs and films on DVD or Blu-ray? How often do you get them out? If they just sit there for months and years on end, then they are just cluttering up your home and collecting dust. Follow these tips to conquer the clutter in your home.


1. Put your old stuff in storage

Rather than just move clutter around your home, put larger items or boxes of “stuff” in self-storage.

That way you free up space but can come back and have a proper clearout at your leisure. You also won’t throw away or sell something you might later want to keep.


2. Find value in art

Every year there’s a story about how some old trinket sold at a car boot sale is worth thousands.

If you have inherited several pieces of jewelry, art or pottery from the family, take them to an art dealer or jeweler for valuation. Even if they aren’t worth much, a collector might be willing to pay a lot more than a car booter would.


3. Sell your old books and media

Rather than letting your books and discs gather dust how about offloading them as part of a home decluttering exercise?

Not only can you get good money for them, but you can also free up space for new hobbies or projects to take over, or just have less stuff to clean. The same could go for those draws or racks full of Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation video games.

At WeBuyBooks, we provide a fast way to build a list of items to sell, a quick and free way to post them to us, when you’ll get paid for your old collectables. All you have to do is scan a barcode into our app, or type it into the website, to find out the value. And with the money, you can enjoy yourself this summer rather than be stuck indoors trying to choose what old DVD you want to watch, or what game to play.

Whatever the reason for decluttering, selling old books and discs can be done quickly and efficiently, rather than trying to car boot them or lug them around second-hand stores who might not understand their value, or charity shops.

Try our service and find out just how much you could earn for what are effectively just ornaments on shelves to brighten your day and your home.

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