Jun 29, 2022

Item Packaging Guide

Item packaging guide
To successfully sell books, cds, dvds and games to www.webuybooks.co.uk it’s important to take note of our packaging guidelines. If we receive your items and they look like they’ve been savaged by a pack of wild hounds or barely survived a nuclear blast then the chances are we won’t take them!

Books, CDs, DVDs and Games wrapped in a bin bag don’t stand much chance of surviving the Great British weather and the heavy handling employed by some postmen. (Not all postmen I must say, but some of them are not that gentle with said precious items).

According to thefreedictionary.com a bin bag is a plastic bag used to line a trash or garbage bin. Therefore they are not highly recommended to be used as packaging to post items to www.webuybooks.co.uk . This is because 1) Books, CDs, Games and DVDs are not trash or garbage and 2) Bin bags rip so easily!

This is what us folks do not want to see at We Buy Books.

Poorly Packaged Books

The problem with the picture on the left is that the packaging is very likely to rip, exposing your items to all the elements (and let’s face it, British weather is hardly predictable!). Any books, CDs, Games and DVDs badly water damaged cannot be accepted.  Another problem is that your items might fall out, never to be seen again – leaving you out of pocket! The problem with the picture on the right is that the box used is too big. Your items are more likely to get damaged during transit because there’s more room for them to move around and get a bashing from the other items in the box.

This is what us folks at We Buy Books love to see on a daily basis.

Well packaged books in an undamged box wrapped in bubble wrap

If you want to successfully sell books, cds and games to www.webuybooks.co.uk, please take note of the images above – not a bin bag in site! No books will be falling out of these bad boys! Well packaged items are less likely to be damaged or lost in transit. The books are also wrapped in bubble wrap – a further measure to ensure your books, cds, games and dvds are protected!

So to sum it all up. When selling your books, cds and dvds to www.webuybooks.co.uk please take note of our packaging guidelines – we like to see your items arrive in a box which isn’t too big; all packed up nice and neat with a good amount of bubble wrap!

If you want any more information on packaging, visit the packaging guide lines at https://www.webuybooks.co.uk/packaging-guidelines/



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