Oct 20, 2021

Books Are More Popular Than Ever (Hooray!)

Books Are More Popular Than Ever (Hooray!)

Here at We Buy Books, our love of books is no secret. We handle hundreds of thousands of books every year and are the printed books biggest advocate. We’re always seeking to dispel the myth that due to the emergence of the ‘trendy’ e-book, the good, old fashioned page turner is now worthless. So when we heard these latest figures from Nielsen BookScan we were quite frankly – thrilled.

What are the figures?

According to Nielsen BookScan, (the publishing industry standard for book sales data) – book sales are still thriving – despite the growth in online media, and the gloomy economic climate. In 2001, 162 million books were sold in Britain alone – that sounds pretty impressive until you compare it to 10 years later… in 2010 a whopping 229 million books were sold! That’s a 42% increase! Wow!

So, in a decade that’s seen the internet boom, online gaming explode, TV channels proliferate and digital piracy rampage – the humble, printed book has not only held its own, but sales have flourished!

So, with books being as popular as ever what do you do once you’ve finished reading? That’s where we come in – We Buy Books is the place to turn all your unwanted books into cash. Just think of all the books you might have sitting around the place gathering dust, you could turn them into extra cash now! As to how much they’re worth, well that will remain a mystery until you head over to us and punch in those ISBN numbers.

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