Oct 20, 2021

The best places to sell textbooks this summer

Bought a bunch of textbooks for university but finally finished your studies? Don’t stuff books under your bed or leave them to gather dust on bookshelves – gather some cash instead and sell them online.

Textbooks can cost a small fortune, which can be tough on a student budget. It’s easy to want to cling on to old textbooks after spending so much on them – but let’s face it, they aren’t the type of book you’d pick for bedtime reading.

Sell your books to benefit yourself and other students. The sooner you sell them too, the better, so that they are still relevant! Flog your books fast so that someone else can put them to good use, as textbooks are constantly being revised and updated with new editions being published.

There’s a few ways that you can say bye to old books and hello to cash!

US – We Buy Books
We like to make selling your old books simple. All it takes is 4 easy-peasy steps and then you can smile at your bank balance, as you swap your books for cash. Type in the ISBN number or use our app to scan the book’s barcode then get an instant valuation. We supply you with postage labels for free, so you can post your books to us and be paid the next day – hurray!

Car boot sales
Park up, set up and sell up! Some folks like to do it the old-fashioned way – so if this is your thing then car boots can be an option. They do, however, take some effort. Expect to spend an hour or two hanging around hoping that your books will get snapped up before the car boot sale ends. Do a little research and see what sells well at the car boot sales around you.

List your books on eBay for a limited time and try to sell them yourself. This option will come at a cost, as EBay has a listing fee, which you pay regardless of whether your book sells. Make sure that you include all of the main keywords, titles, authors and edition numbers so that any students searching for them can find them.

Facebook Groups
There’s a group for everything on Facebook – so have a nosey at what’s out there and see what buy/sell groups you can find in your area. However, there’s an element of risk, as you aren’t protected from scammers.

Ready to get rid of your unwanted books? Save yourself the hassle and sell your old books with We Buy Books.

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